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Thank you for you interest in Manhattan Arts International. We have been promoting artistic excellence online since 2000. Each artist has been accepted into the Artist Showcase Gallery program based on specific requirements and professional attributes.
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We do not charge any sales commission on any art that is sold as a result of our promotion. If you are interested in purchasing the artists’ work you are invited to visit the artists’ websites and  contact them directly. You may also contact them via social media links provided on their pages.

Header image: Painting by Maya Malioutina.

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2 thoughts on “Artist Showcase Gallery”

  1. I found this site as a result of typing in a search engine a phrase about the healing power of art, which led me to the call for “the Healing Power of Art 2016” presented on this site. After viewing that event as well as this site I am very interested in being part of both the “H P A 2016” exhibition as well as this organization. In 2002 I was one of about 25 artists chosen out of a call for about 500 in NW Arkansas (if I have the facts right) for a permanent art collection to be placed in a new hospital, Washington Regional Medical Center in NW Arkansas, with the theme of the collection to be “Healing” . I was commissioned to paint and I painted a triptych of three large scale canvases based from iris images, called “healingirises” (all one word). This can be seen on my website under the “multi panel” section. I have been pleased with reports I have heard of affects of my paintings in the medical center and fascinated by the idea that the work is available to be seen 24/7. It is placed in the surgery recovery waiting room. What a great opportunity to bring healing to people in their difficult moments.

    1. Dear Darney,
      It is clear you found your purpose and are enjoying the satisfaction of bringing healing to others through your creative talent.
      Thank you for your interest in Manhattan Arts International. Although currently we are not accepting new members we are accepting entries to The Healing Power of ART exhibition. Here is a link for more information:
      We look forward to seeing your entries.
      Best regards,

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