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About Ann Dunbar

Ann Dunbar is an award-winning mixed media artist, living in Paris, France. Her art expresses an amalgamation of her experiences from her travels and inspiration from her own garden.

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Ann Dunbar, Spring Blossom Walk, mixed media and Embroidery on paper, 18"x18"
Ann Dunbar, Spring Blossom Walk, mixed media and embroidery on paper, 18″x18″

Dunbar’s art is the fruit of many years of experimentation and development with the idea of embroidering paper to her painted compositions.  Her technique, which took years to master, involves hundreds of stitches that are sewn layer by layer, distributed freely with expertise and applying density to a diffused and romantic water-base. The result is  a surprising, magical effect when light dances on the silken mass. The paintings come alive with shimmering movement.

Ann Dunbar, Marine Life Magnificence, mixed media
Ann Dunbar, Marine Life Magnificence, mixed media. and embroidery, 80 x 95cm. This was awarded the Gold Palm Art Award in Monaco by ArtExpo Gallery, Italy

“The effect of light and texture plays an important role in my creations which probably stems from a memory in childhood when my mother showed me delicate pieces of lace made by my Grand mother.”

“Over the years, my style has evolved through travelling to Asia and Australia bringing new fresh approaches. I now employ other media such as gold leaf, interference medium and inks to achieve more exciting effects on the paper. The overall finish transforms the appearance of the paper making it look more exotic or bolder and even having a completely different textural feel.”

Ann Dunbar, art work
Ann Dunbar, Spring Bounty, mixed media and embroidery on paper, 16″ x 20″.

Dunbar has had exhibitions throughout Europe and Australia including those at London Cecil Higgins Museum, Bedford Commonwealth Institute, and Walter Rothschild Museum. Her art is in numerous collections. She received many awards including Grand prize “Naure-Art-Design” from The International Academy of Marzocco, Italy, the Grand Prize “Paul Rubens International award” from Association Italia, and “Vermeil” medal from the European Institute of Contemporary Art.

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