Gail Postal, Jamal, graphite and colored pencil, 23" x 30".

Where Do Artists Find Inspiration?

Artists find their inspiration from such diverse sources as nature,  man made objects, random forms, color, technology, fantasy, dreams, ideas, and their emotions.

What compels these artists — Trisha Lambi, Carolyn Oberst, and Gail Postal — to create the kind of art they do?

Image above:  Art by Gail Postal.
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Trisha Lambi

Trisha Lambi
Trisha Lambi, And The Owl Wished Everything Was White, oil on linen, 40” x 48”.

Light and its effect on form is Trisha Lambi’s inspiration and while she doesn’t particularly aspire to convey a conscious emotion in her work it seems to emerge of its own will.  She states, “Color has a huge impact on the emotions and I love to use it as a form of expression. Composition plays a large part as well – simplicity is powerful.”

Carolyn Oberst

Carolyn Oberst, She's Come Undone, oil on canvas, 22” x 30".
Carolyn Oberst, She’s Come Undone, oil on canvas, 22” x 30″.

Carolyn Oberst believes objects have emotional power of their own. “Vintage toys  suggest the idea of moving through time; striking a chord, with notes of nostalgia, joy and laughter, sadness and fear.” She produces work that serves her interest in, “memories of, and reflections on childhood, expressing how the past profoundly affects the present.”

Gail Postal

Gail Postal, Tserting, graphite and oil paint, 36” x 24”.
Gail Postal, Tserting, graphite and oil paint, 36” x 24”.

Gail Postal is an Artist Showcase Award Winner.  She states, “I do a graphite drawing and then add gold paint and many layers of transparent oil or acrylic paint to create an icon of a contemporary ‘saint.’ I have had two major influences on my work – old hand tinted black and white Japanese photographs and Russian Orthodox icons.”

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