Artists Honor Their Mothers

Artists Honor Their Mothers

Martha Coaty, Linda S. Watson, Ann Dunbar,  Laura Fantini, Mary Lou Dauray, Lisa Freidus

Every day should be “Mother’s Day”
Honor and celebrate all the “Mothers” in your life — whether they’re related or not. All the women who have nurtured you, have given you unconditional love and support, and encouraged you to follow your dreams and passions.

All artists featured here are members of Manhattan Arts International. As you’ll read, they wanted to honor their mothers and express their heartfelt gratitude to them.

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Martha Coaty

Martha Coaty
Martha Coaty, Industrial Chartreuse, photograph, 16″ x 20″.

“My mom is my biggest fan. ‘Martha’s my artist’,  she says. She showed everyone the giraffe painting I came home with in eighth grade and the key chain I made for her is still on her key ring. Her dining room was my gallery for practice art shows. Without my mom’s three words, I might have drifted away from being an artist. Now, my biggest joy is having her at art openings and seeing the sparkle in her eyes.”

Linda S. Watson

Linda S. Watson, Beneath the Surface (from the "Water Series"), acrylic on canvas, 13” x 13”.
Linda S. Watson, Beneath the Surface (from the “Water Series”), acrylic on canvas, 13” x 13”.

“My mother always made sure I had plenty of art supplies. Crayons, pencils, drawing paper and coloring books were readily available to me at any time. I never had rules regarding my art, such as ‘you can color when you are done cleaning your room’. I could create anywhere throughout the house even in the middle of the living room or all over the kitchen table”.

Ann Dunbar

Ann Dunbar, Spring Blossom Walk, mixed media and embroidery on paper, 18″x18″
Ann Dunbar, Spring Blossom Walk, mixed media and embroidery on paper, 18″x18″

“If it was not for my mum, I would not have been an artist. She encouraged my drawing. When I received my first paint box I painted a horse, as I knew she loved them. When I saw the pleasure on her face when she peered at that horse and the love and dedication she offered so that I will succeed in my studies, I felt my destiny was clear.”

Laura Fantini

Laura Fantini. Similar Features (11), colored pencil
Laura Fantini. Similar Features (11), colored pencil on illustration board, 38″ x 29″.

“My mom has always believed in my art and encouraged me to pursue my career. Anytime I was procrastinating she was always there asking me ‘What about you art?’ It was a simple question to make understand that I was wasting time and I wasn’t doing enough for my art!”

Mary Lou Dauray

Mary Lou Dauray
Mary Lou Dauray, “Iceberg Wasteland”, cropped detail of the triptych, oil on linen.

“I remember how my mother painstakingly put together many small 8″ x 8″ dioramas representing daily life. By watching her and being fascinated (by her process) she taught me patience and care while creating artwork.”

Lisa Freidus

Lisa Freidus
Lisa Freidus, Just Imagine, 3-D mixed media collage, 38″ x 32″ x 3″.

“Mother’s Day was every day with my mother. A woman of many talents she had a beautiful voice, great style, and an amazing eye for design. I inherited her ability to sing and I also developed a design sense which I incorporate into my artwork. When creating my whimsical paintings I hear music, which I use to spread joy within my compositions. It’s a wonderful connection I have with my mother.”

Banner: Left: Gustav Klimt, detail from The Three Ages of Woman Mother and Child. Right: Mary Cassatt, Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror).

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