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When viewing artists in their creative zones we may immediately sense their professional focus, steadfast commitment, pride, and satisfaction. In this article you’ll meet a few members of Manhattan Arts International.

Each artist has their own special and unique personality and equally unique artistic expression. And, as you can see, whether they create masterpieces in their basement studios or out in nature these spaces are their sanctuaries and they are content to be there.

I encourage you to click on their page links to learn more about them and visit their individual websites.

The header image is Elliot Appel with his paintings.

Joanne St-Cyr ~ Painting With Precision

Joanne St-Cyr
Joanne St-Cyr creates a world of fantasy and symbolism with a masterful prowess. Visit her page.

Elliot Appel ~ Exhibiting with Pride

Elliot Appel

Elliot Appel reflects the unique essence and energy of New York City.  Visit his page.

Elaine Franz Witten ~ Carving A Sculpture

Elaine Franz Witten with wax sculpture
Elaine Franz Witten captures grace and elegance with classical sculpting expertise employing the lost wax method. Visit her page.

Linda S. Watson ~ Taking An Art Break

Linda Watson
The ebullient artist Linda S. Watson shares the natural beauty of Hawaii and the cosmos.  Visit her page.

Shulin Sun ~ Blending East With West

Shulin Sun

Shulin Sun expresses the innate sense of strength and resiliency in nature. Visit his page.

Isabelle Gautier ~ Releasing The Energy

Isabelle GautierIsabelle Gautier expresses her love of nature, color and design in universal abstract paintings.  Visit her page.

Elke Daemmrich ~ Standing Proud

Elke DaemmrichAn award-winning artist Elke Daemmrich has a mastery of design, color and composition. Visit her page.

Barbara Rachko ~ Capturing Exotic Cultures

Barbara RachkoBarbara Rachko creates pastels on sandpaper inspired by exotic cultural artifacts from her travels. Read an interview with her.

Peter Treiber ~ Setting The Aperture

Peter Treiber

Peter Treiber creates a visual symphony of color, light and motion in dramatic photographs. Visit his page.

Elaine Hunter ~ Capturing A Moment

Elaine Hunter

Using photographic manipulation techniques Elaine Hunter imbues her art with spell-binding drama and a sense of mystery. Visit her page.

Mary Lou Dauray ~ Creating A Message

Mary Lou Dauray
Mary Lou Dauray

Mary Lou Dauray is dedicated to raising  awareness about climate destruction and global warming through her art. Visit her page.

Visit the Artist Showcase Gallery.


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