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Bring The Power of Color Into Your Life

Artists know that color affects your behavior, moods, and thoughts.  They know that certain colors have the ability to lift your spirits, soothe your frazzled nerves,  motivate and empower you to take action, and even bring healing energy to ailing patients.

Indeed color is a powerful force of energy. As Wassily Kandinsky proclaimed, “Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.”

Florence Nightingale observed, “Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.”

The artist members of Manhattan Arts International shown here  use color in different ways with technical prowess and meaningful intention.

While you enjoy viewing their art and reading their statements please also visit their pages and websites. Bring their art into your life!

Banner image: Art by Michael Amrose.

Philip Noyed

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Improv Tube, (Front and back views), C-type Lambda prints mounted in ¼” acrylic tubes and lit by LED lights, 30” x 7”.

Philip Noyed is an innovative multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates luminous photographs, geometric light box illuminations, videos, paintings and mixed media installations.

Bold colors, light, and high-voltage geometric compositions characterize his versatile artworks that he transforms into wall-mounted or free-standing sculptural objects. Viewers  experience a myriad of transitions that occur naturally as light passes through the art work. When viewed with 3-D glasses the animated surfaces of his paintings become even more hypnotic.

“My work is based on a deep appreciation of the effect that color has on people both psychologically and physiologically. Light and color are frequencies that transform our mood, energy, and even physical health. My focus is creating light and color art experiences that transport the viewer to new levels of engagement.

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Kari Bienert

Kari Bienert
Kari Bienert, Colour Babies (Garden for the Children, oil on canvas, 78.7″ x 35.4″.

Kari Bienert is an Australian painter who excels in the use of color configurations and the art of transforming geometric and curvilinear forms.  She explores the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, visual planes and volume within a two-dimensional framework. Viewing her dynamic and exuberant works of art is an exciting kinetic experience.

As a Color Field painter Bienert pursues color relationships with fervor.  Her color palette is innovative and complex. She mixes more than 25 different oil paints to create every color in her painting.

Due to the large scale of her paintings, her pictorial scheme appears to extend beyond our peripheral vision. As colorful patterns advance and recede, undulate and coalesce, they emulate the manner in which the universe operates in the energetic realms of both the microcosm and macrocosm.

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Michael Amrose

Michael Amrose
Michael Amrose, Primordial, Untitled#1, digital photograph, C-Print; 25″ x 25″.

Michael Amrose creates abstract photography which is influenced by abstract expressionism and is heavily informed by his studies of filmmaking at Media Study, SUNY at Buffalo.

The above photograph is from his Promordial  Project. “The subject: Painted geometric and irregular shapes behind glass. The primary elements are form, and color—mainly red, yellow and orange hues. Light reflected off the glass uniquely complements the photograph’s depth, and form. Together, the subject, primary elements, and light combine to present a primordial aesthetic depicting the affect of ‘beginnings.’

I use unconventional subjects and unorthodox photographic techniques including movement of the subjects and/or the camera. By representing the passing of time, motion alters subjects’ tones, shapes, space and forms. I lay colors and shapes on my camera’s sensor much like a painter lays paint on a canvas resulting in images that are uniquely cutting edge and intensely emotional.”

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