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Artists Share Their Fantasies With Us

A Day With Famous Artists From The Past

Fasten your seat belts as we are about to take off with another group of artists from tour membership program as they share their fantasies with us. Enjoy their art and answers to the questions: What artist from the past would you like to spend a day with and what would you do together?

Artists are featured in reverse alphabetical order. They include: Linda S. Watson, Frantisek Strouhal (whose artwork is shown above), Allison Coelho Picone,  Darlene Kaplan, Arthur Jacob, and Elliot Appel.

Can you see how their chosen artists have influenced their art? Please comment below.

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Linda S. Watson

Linda S. Watson, Stellar Nebula (from the "Universe Series"), oil and mixed media on canvas, 8” x 11”.
Linda S. Watson, Stellar Nebula (from the “Universe Series”), oil and mixed media on canvas, 8” x 11”.

I would go back to New York in 1950 and spend a day painting with Joan Mitchell in her West Tenth Street studio. Afterwards, we’d go to an art opening at the Betty Parsons Gallery on East 57th Street and then wrap up the evening at the Cedar Tavern in Greenwich Village, hanging out with other Abstract Expressionists like Franz Kline, de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

Frantisek Strouhal

Frantisek Strouhal
Frantisek Strouhal, Return To The Origin, oil printing and lithography inks on paper, 24” x 20”.

I join Joseph Mallord William Turner in London after the Royal Academy Exhibition in 1840. His head is hanging in disarray after his painting “The Slave Ship” was labelled an absurdity.

Leaning towards me he whispers in his coarse voice “I meant to make people weep, to show the tragic truth.” Then he sighs.

Like two old friends we spend the rest of the afternoon in a small café discussing how the mind is enriched when one understands the whole existence of oneself and one’s relationship to the world at large.

Allison Coelho Picone

Allison Coelho PIcone, Enchanting Chaos, mixed media, water-manipulated paper, acrylic, pencil), 20" x 20".
Allison Coelho PIcone, Enchanting Chaos, mixed media, water-manipulated paper, acrylic, pencil), 20″ x 20″.

Because of our mutual connection with Nature, I would ask Vincent van Gogh to accompany me to his native Netherlands’ countryside where he fell in love with light and solace. We reminisce about childhood and perhaps reveal a significant memory.

I ask him about his color intuition, rhythmic brushstrokes and line work. Are the colors and strokes a result of his fervent observations and intense emotions? Are the lines a mark of his personality or are they an aspect of control?

We immerse ourselves in Nature’s silence and beauty.

Darlene Kaplan

Darlene Kaplan, Pheasants in Wisteria, Oriental Brush Painting. Chinese mineral colors on acid free rice paper, 27″ x 29″.
Darlene Kaplan, Pheasants in Wisteria, Oriental Brush Painting. Chinese mineral colors on acid free rice paper, 27″ x 29″.

When I visit The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, Peter Paul Rubens’ art takes my breath away. His paintings are so alive that you feel as if you are in them. The details, the colors, and composition are phenomenal.

On my fantasy day with Mr. Rubens I would just watch him create his masterpieces… See how he prepares his paintings and where he gets his inspiration. Then we would have a glass of wine.

Arthur Jacob

Arthur Jacob, Dehlia II, creative photography.
Arthur Jacob, Dehlia II, creative photography.

The artist from the past that I would like to spend some time with is not a photographer but the painter Georgia O’Keeffe. I am always amazed at how soothing and comforting her works affects me and how it has influenced my Floral Abstracts series and Blossoms on Black Abstract series.

After arriving at her home in the early morning, we take a long walk around her Adobe home in New Mexico. We discuss which subject matter has the most meaning for us and why we would choose to use it in our creative work. Later, I watch as she paints and engulf myself in her work.

Elliot Appel

Elliot Appel
Elliot Appel, Manhattan Mist, oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″.

Roaming the cafes with Picasso in Paris in the early part of the century comes to mind. We might have even gotten some painting done!

Given the choice, though, I would have enjoyed spending a day with Henri Matisse on the French Riviera. Just watching him work, viewing his studio, and sharing dinner and a glass or two of wine with the great man would have been special.

My favorite artist and one of my favorite places; what could be better than that?

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  1. What a pleasure reading this and dreaming along with them. I have a feeling that some of us are making our own history as Artists as we indulge in our fantasies with those that are departed.

  2. Thank you for including me in this time travel magic. It is so much fun to read the dreams and fantasies of other creative people. Great article, thanks for writing and posting.

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