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Artists Share Their Time Travel Fantasies

Spending A Day With Famous Artists From The Past

I recently asked some of our members, Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel across time and unite with artists from the past? Which artist would you choose? What would you do together?

These innovative artists dialed up their imagination, zipped up their time travel suits,  and shared their fantasies with me.

More artists’ fantasies to come! This is the first of a series.

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Rose Adare

Rose Adare, The Eleventh Hour, oil on Belgian linen, 48" x 24".
Rose Adare, The Eleventh Hour, oil on Belgian linen, 48″ x 24″.

“I’d love to be a shadow on the wall and watch Nicolai Fechin in his studio at work. For conversation I would relish a night out with Georges Braque.

I imagine having a rousing conversation about Fauvist style and using brilliant colors to represent connective emotional responses. I would also be curious to get to the bottom of just who influenced whom in regards to Cubism: Cezanne, Braque or Picasso, and besides Georges played a mean accordion!”

Elaine Franz Witten

Elaine Franz Witten
Elaine Franz Witten, Extended Bow (Yoga pose), bronze on black Vermont granite, 20″ × 13″ × 6″.

“Degas, the master of light, arrives to view sunrise over the mountains. At breakfast we share easy conversation about mutual passions — sculpting and painting. During the studio visit he notes with pleasure impressionistic brush marks on my recent oil. He runs his hands over my bronze horses that gain a valued critique. We speak of our shared love of horses and figures in motion.

We visit the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA. As he enters the large Impressionistic gallery he is overcome with joy to see his large presence, an array of small bronze horses, a large dancer, and his paintings like fresh sunshine, juxtaposed colors sparkling as fresh as the day he painted them. It was a fine day.”

Peter Treiber

Peter Treiber, Luminescence 31071, chromogenic print on acrylic, 32" x 40".
Peter Treiber, Luminescence 31071, chromogenic print on acrylic, 32″ x 40″.

“I would be thrilled to spend time with Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse or Vaslav Nijinsky. All these artists mastered traditional representational painting, but later moved to abstract or “Modern” styles. I feel that these men were particularly skilled in using their prior knowledge and experience to communicate their feelings in a new, but understandable way. Our world is changing at an ever
increasing rate, yet the public still has trouble understanding and accepting change in the art world.

I would ask the artist to explain his thinking during the process of painting several recent works. Of course, I would welcome a critique of some of my work.”

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