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New Beginnings Exhibition will feature different styles and mediums by 30 artists from around the world.

Award of Excellence Winners

Each artist was asked to submit works of art that reflected the theme “New Beginnings” and to provide an artist’s statement relating their art to the theme. I selected 30 artists to win Awards of Excellence.

As the curator of “New Beginnings” my selection process involved more than 100 hours of viewing the several hundred image entries and visits to the artists’ websites. After assigning scores for each of their image entries I selected those artists with the highest average scores and who demonstrate cohesive individual styles, superior creative and technical  skills, and how well their art reflected the theme.”  ~ Renée Phillips


New Beginnings Exhibition

The mission of Manhattan Arts International is is to reward under-recognized artists and promote them to a world-wide audience through our curated art programs, theme exhibitions, email newsletters, and widespread publicity on social media platforms.
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Renee Phillips
Renee Phillips, founder/direction of Manhattan Arts International, and Curator of “New Beginnings”.

“New Beginnings”  was a recent online exhibition of 61 artists from around the world, December 27, 2016 – February 27, 2017.  As founder/director of Manhattan Arts International, I was delighted to serve as the curator for “New Beginnings”. We received several hundred entries and an array of creative expressions on the “New Beginnings” theme — from nature-inspired and figurative life-affirming images to innovative works of art made with new materials and mediums, to art that reflects the artists’ personal transformation. We invited viewers to view the art on all of the pages, visit the artists’ websites, and contact the artists directly to purchase or exhibit their art.” ~ Renée Phillips

The banner image above on the top of this page is a painting titled “Over The Hill” by Mason Mansung Kang. He received the top Featured Artist Special Recognition.

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Top Award-Winning Artists

We received so many excellent entries making this competition a challenging experience.  As the curator of “New Beginnings” my selection process involved a laser sharp concentration, numerous sessions in which I viewed the several hundred image entries, and prolonged visits to the artists’ websites. After more than 100 hours of deliberation I chose the top award-winning artists based on their highly developed individual styles, cohesive and expansive bodies of work, their superior creative and technical  skills, and  how well their submissions and statements reflect the theme New Beginnings. ~ Renée Phillips

Mason Mansung Kang – Featured Artist Award

Mason Mansung Kang creates awe-inspiring landscape paintings with admirable proficiency. His professional art career began after retirement and he returned to college to earn an art degree in 2016.  We are inspired by his art and personal journey that reflects new beginnings. Read an interview with the artist.

Mason Mansung Kang, Morning Light at Namwon, oil on Canvas, 18"x 24".
Mason Mansung Kang, Morning Light at Namwon, oil on Canvas, 18″x 24″.

Artist’s Statement: The visual changes of the natural world, with unending colors and values that exist in light and shadow over each season and over time, create variations of moods and emotions that always affects my mind. I struggle to observe these subtle colors, but also enhance the colors that are usually not noticed by untrained eyes. To share this beauty is the goal of my efforts.

R. Geoffrey Blackburn – First Place Special Recognition Cash Award

R. Geoffrey Blackburn has created a spectacular and cohesive body of paintings that take viewers on sojourns with nature — specifically the Red Rock region. His dramatic images inspire feelings of profound reverence, introspection, discovery and renewal.

R. Geoffrey Blackburn, "Indian Summer", Oil on Linen, 28" x 36".
R. Geoffrey Blackburn, “Indian Summer”, Oil on Linen, 28″ x 36″.

Artist’s Statement: I focus upon the juxtaposition of the flora and fauna of a scene against the spectacular ancient red rock geology which speaks to the endless renewal of nature and constant cyclical new beginnings. Moreover, by virtue of the detail and technique, I provide a way for the viewer to “walk into the painting” and experience a personal renewal as well.

Denisa Prochazka – Second Place Special Recognition Cash Award

A superb artist with the utmost attention to detail, Denisa Prochazka creates outstanding figurative sculpture that inspires the highest aspirations in humanity. Her art work has been commissioned as awards of achievement.

Denisa Prochazka, Namaste Flower, Hydrostone cast with marble base, 20" x 11" x 9".
Denisa Prochazka, Namaste Flower, Hydrostone cast with marble base, 20″ x 11″ x 9″.

Artist’s Statement: The sculpture ‘Namaste Flower’ was created to inspire healing and strength of the female spirit. It resides at a Woman’s Shelter as a symbol of a new beginning. The sculpture relief ‘Embrace of Indigenous Wisdom’ symbolizes reconciliation, a new beginning. The sculpture relief ‘Gabriela’s Roots, the New Canadian’ symbolizes a new life of an immigrant of an African-Dominican origin.

Jill Pankey – Third Place Special Recognition Cash Award

In her vibrant well-composed award-winning paintings, Jill Pankey celebrates women in a joyful reverie of fun,  vitality and camaraderie. Their expressions of exuberance and colorful attire exude optimism and negate all misconceptions about aging.

JillPankey, Strut Your Inner Muse, oil on canvas, 48” x 60”.
Jill Pankey, Strut Your Inner Muse, oil on canvas, 48” x 60”.

Artist’s Statement: The intention of my work is an exploration of life around me, and experimenting with color. I have experimented with the theme of the aging female with a focus on new beginnings, humor, color, pattern, and movement. I have been exploring the notion of a dreamlike quality. We may age but dreams and goals cannot be taken away.

Sue Miller – Artist Showcase Award and Coaching Award

Sue Miller creates spellbinding realistic and detailed scenes of places she encounters around the world. She arouses our senses and encourages us to view our surroundings and the shapes, colors and reflections of man-made and natural objects with a new perspective.
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Sue Miller, 46th Street, oil, 24” x 18”.
Sue Miller, 46th Street, oil, 24” x 18”.

Artist’s Statement: Inspired by places I have visited, I aim to capture the effects of light on colors and forms as I have witnessed all over the globe. The pieces selected for the “New Beginnings” exhibition were all inspired by transformation…one day turning into the next, or a historic city in the midst of great change…new beginnings all.

Francene Levinson – The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS Gallery Award

A highly versatile artist in different mediums including Chinese modular paper sculpturing, Francene Levinson has recently mastered the use of challenging digital parametric programs to paint dramatic images. She brings us new interpretations of the natural world.  View the artist’s page on The Healing Power of ART website. (soon to come)

Francene Levinson, Butterfly in Red, digital art, 9' x 7".
Francene Levinson, Butterfly in Red, digital art, 9′ x 7″.

Artist’s Statement: New beginnings suggest taking a fresh look at what we know. Therefore, I create original digital paintings inspired by my Oregon environment. I see the strength of the earth and the fragility of life through mathematical concepts and principles of art. Now, I seek beauty in the absolute simplicity of line and form and reveal it through empowering digital media.

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About New Beginnings – Online Exhibition

Our Annual “New Beginnings” Online Exhibition

“New Beginnings” attracts entries from artists around the world working in different styles and mediums.  Our aim overall is to display a wide variety of interpretations, styles and mediums. The purpose of our online exhibitions is to give artists increased career recognition, social media connections and followers, and higher traffic on their websites. As a result artists have reported more increased career credibility and self-esteem, plus commissions, sales and exhibition opportunities.


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