Diane Husson

Diane Husson Creates Innovative “Faux Bois” Sculpture

Her Organic Forms Combine Tradition with A Contemporary Vitality

Diane Husson is a master of creating “faux bois” works of art that involves the adept layering of concrete over a steel armature.

Featured Artist Article by Renee Phillips

Diane HussonDiane Husson is an artist from Norfolk, Virgina who brings a lifelong connection to nature, and a wealth of innovation and skill to her unique sculptural art. She uses the rare process of concrete “faux bois” (“false wood” in French), that was close to extinction a century ago. It involves the adept layering of concrete over a steel armature.

Husson’s mesmerizing three-dimensional art pieces beckon us to enter a realm of mystery, fantasy and imagination.

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Diane Husson
Diane Husson, Ladderback Branch Chair, steel frame with fiber reinforced concrete, 43” x 23” x 24”.

Timeless Functional Art Pieces

The artist has transformed a traditional art form into making  timeless functional art pieces that fuse design, form and function with contemporary vitality.

Her benches, chairs and tables appear to be composed from nature.  Shapes of branches and vines undulate in rhythmic patterns with a  graceful spontaneity. The tactile organic forms trick the eye into believing they are growing straight from the earth.

Diane Husson
Diane Husson, Crepe Myrtle Side Table, welded steel frame with fiber reinforced concrete, 24” x 24”.

Rich Detail and Superb Skills

Husson’s natural ability to apply rich detail and a superb sense of design and scale shine through every piece.

For ten years she was a painter and published illustrator. Then, two decades ago, on the advice of a friend she took a  tilemaking workshop at a local art center. That experience inspired her to expand her artistic vision by studying figurative sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

The artist also attributes studying nature, reading, experimentation, and travel to enriching her appreciation for her method of sculpture and for honing her technical skills.

Diane Husson
Diane Husson, Ancient Wisteria Bench, welded steel frame with fiber reinforced concrete, 75″ x 45″ x 16″.

Embracing The Spirit World of Nature

Husson recalls, “As a child the forests and all of nature were my secret garden. My artwork is a result of a constant inner tug o’war between that child who still dreams of the wonders of nature, and the strict taskmaster who emerged over the years to demand originality and flawless execution.”

“As a sculptor, I am constantly drawn to the haunting quality of that crossroads where nature whispers about the spiritual world,” she explains.

Husson intends her sculptural forms to “emerge as artifacts from an ancient civilization where the boundaries between nature and the spirit world were paper thin, and some secret wisdom is waiting patiently to be rediscovered.”

Diane Husson
Diane Husson, Shepherd’s Hook, welded steel frame with fiber reinforced concrete, 65” x 39” x 32”.

Public Art Projects and Hospital Installations

The artist has created several public art projects, including ceramic murals for the Cities of Virginia Beach, and Norfolk, Virginia, as well as a ceramic and concrete memorial for the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex in Virginia Beach.

The tranquil, healing qualities inherent in her art have attracted the interest of area hospitals. She has produced artwork for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter in Norfolk, VA and the Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Her works of art have been installed in Virginia Beach General’s emergency room waiting room, which includes an 18 ft. relief coral reef with 22 kt. gold highlights.

Diane Husson
Diane Husson, Vine Chair, steel frame with fiber reinforced concrete, 39” x 29” x 27”.


She has also attracted the attention of publications. One of  her faux bois chairs was featured on the cover of Vow Bride Magazine. Her ceramic artwork is featured in “The Art of Handmade Tile” and “500 Tiles.”

Husson recently completed an artist in residence program with Virginia Beach Public Schools, mentoring young art students.

Visit Diane Husson’s website at www.newrelics.com


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  1. These are haunting and mystical. In an actual landscape setting, they almost don’t look real, or maybe they were put there naturally. I also share a deep and intense connection with nature, but these pieces would touch me even if I didn’t have that: This work is outstanding. Brava!

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