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About Elaine Alibrandi

Elaine Alibrandi is an artist and poet born in Boston, Massachusetts, who has a passion for expressing her creativity using mixed media. She states, “The inspiration for much of my art comes from nature and female imagery, both of which to me express strength and vulnerability, power, mystery, and creative potential. Nearly everything I see, especially in nature, urges me to explore more and more avenues in my work.”

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Elaine Alibrandi, Sand Stones, acrylics, gesso, stones, 24" x 24"
Elaine Alibrandi, Sand Stones, acrylics, gesso, stones, 24″ x 24″

She earned a BFA at Massachusetts College of Art. She has had solo shows in Boston and New York City, in addition to group exhibitions in Europe, South Korea, and the United States.The artist has been interviewed by Mixed Media Art Magazine and Arts Business Institute, and has won several prizes for her work.

Her pieces are in many permanent collections including the Hotel Marechiaro, San Menaio, Italy, and Vermont’s Walker Museum, among others.

Elaine Alibrandi
Elaine Alibrandi, Sand Stones, acrylics, gesso, stones, 30″ x 30″.

Elaine Alibrandi’s art was selected for the Manhattan Arts International “New Beginnings” 2015-2016 juried exhibition.

In addition, her poetry has been published in over 50 magazines and literary journals.

Visit Elaine Alibrandi’s website at www.elainealibrandi.net

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3 thoughts on “Elaine Alibrandi – Mixed Media”

  1. Thank you for that incredible insight into Elaine’s art. It is so interesting from so many different aspects, what it represents, how it is created, and ultimately, how it appears, which is stunning!

  2. Such a great article. I recent met and painted with Elaine in Italy.
    Both her art and poetry show a great depth of character, sensitivity and emotion.
    She is not only a great artist but also a wonderful person who deserves all success.

  3. I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Elaine at an International art workshop in Italy recently. I was impressed by the unique and original methods she employed. She certainly did think out of the box and one could feel her sense of adventure with a touch of humour and fun but deep down in the depths of emotions, there was purpose and meaning.
    Well done Elaine, keep up the good work. You deseve the best.

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