Elaine Witten, sculpture

Elaine Franz Witten – Sculpture

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About Elaine Franz Witten

Elaine Franz Witten captures majestic beauty and fluidity in realism. She is a multi-award winning bronze sculptor who focuses on creating beautiful form. Hallmarks of her sculpture are the illusion of movement, creative use of negative space, and use of indigenous stone bases.

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Elaine Franz Witten, Robert Frost
Elaine Franz Witten, Robert Frost Portrait, bronze on verde antique marble, 19” x7.75” x 10.5”.

The human figure, animals, birds, and antique musical instruments make up the body of her work, which are cast using the ancient lost wax method. Living close to nature in Vermont and having a life long love of nature, art and music, are the roots of her inspiration. As an R.N., her knowledge of human anatomy informs her figurative pieces.

Elaine Franz Witten, Personal Best, (Speed Skater)
Elaine Franz Witten, Personal Best, (Speed Skater), bronze on white marble, 24.5″ x 20.5″ x15.5”.

Witten’s bronzes are in private, public, and corporate collections around the United States, Canada, and in the private collection of the King of Saudi Arabia. In 2013, she became a purveyor to the U.S. State Department for bronzes to be used as Presidential gifts. Her bronzes have won prizes in both national and international exhibitions including several from Manhattan Arts International.

Elaine Witten also teaches sculpture workshops and is a past Board member of The Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, Vermont.

Visit Elaine Franz Witten’s website: www.elainefranzwitten.com

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