Elke Daemmrich’s Dynamic Artwork Celebrates The Natural World

Her Colorful Paintings And Engravings Reveal Her Mastery of Design and Composition

Featured Artists Article by Renee Phillips

Elke Daemmrich creates dynamic,  colorful paintings in addition to engravings that celebrate the magnificence of the natural world. Her art is a robust symphony of flowers, butterflies, bees, hornets and other insects, in addition to occasional aquatic subjects.

Elke Daemmrich

Having an exceptional mastery of composition, color and design the artist has won many awards and has been offered numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Daemmrich’s life seems to have emerged from a romantic art history story. Born in Dresden, East Germany, she moved to the southwest of France, near Toulouse in 1994. She bought a medieval house, the birthplace of an archbishop of Albi, where she lives and works today.

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Elke Daemmrich
Elke Daemmrich, Dead in Marseilveyre, oil on canvas, 59″ x 71″.

Inspired By The Light and Energy of The Mediterranean

By creating large colorful paintings, Daemmrich not only magnifies the details of her subjects, she creates larger-than-life, awe-inspiring gardens of paradise.  She occasionally brings an element of charm to her art, as exemplified by the house in the painting “Peonies in Tournecoupe”.

In 1993 she received a grant from the foundation Kulturfonds Berlin for her project “The Light of the South”, which gave her the opportunity to work in Lacoste, Provence.

About this experience she states, “I became fascinated with landscapes, light and energy. The conditions of life, nature and culture of the Mediterranean region became and remain the most important subjects in my art.” She adds, “Living in different places can have a big impact on creation.”

Elke Daemmrich
Elke Daemmrich, Hornets, oil on canvas, 43″ x 47″.

Prestigious Grants and Awards For Macro-Cosmic Bravado

Not since Albrecht Dürer, the master draughtsman and the first to bring insects to center stage in his art, have we seen an artist with as  much devotion to this subject matter.  As a contemporary artist using bright primary colors in her paintings Daemmrich  presents the microcosm of insects to a macro-cosmic scale with bravado.

Daemmrich’s serious dedication as an artist and her inimitable style have been rewarded with many prestigious accolades.

In 2014 Daemmrich received an Individual Support Grant of the Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation Inc., New York. She is also the recipient of the First Prize for works on paper during the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Museums in the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, Los Angeles, CA.

Elke Daemmrich
Elke Daemmrich, Stag Beetle, oil on canvas, 43″ x 39″.

International Exhibitions in Museums and Galleries

Daemmrich has had more than 90 solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Europe and the United States.

Her exhibitions include those at the Goya Museum in Castres and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Cordes sur Ciel, in France; the Museo de la Mediterrania in Torroella de Montgri and the Modest Cuixart Foundation in Barcelona, Spain; and the Museum Junge Kunst in Frankfurt Oder and the gallery of BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, in Germany.

Elke Daemmrich
Elke Daemmrich, Bees, copper engraving, 12″ x 16″.

“Bees” Wins The Jill Conner Critic’s Choice Award

Daemmrich has won Awards of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International in its juried competitions for both her colorful paintings and black and white engravings. In particular, her art was selected for the online exhibition “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART” in 2013. She received the Manhattan Arts International “Critic’s Choice” Award from Jill Conner for her engraving “Bees”. Conner is a New York based art critic, curator and founder of AS | ARTISTS STUDIOS

About this work Jill Conner states, “Elke Daemmrich’s eloquent copper engraving “Bees” brings viewers up close to an evolving environmental issue that is currently central to sustainability. Daemmrich presents these vibrant insects within a nest of honeycomb and from multiple perspectives. The artist’s detailed renderings are so specific, layered and mesmerizing that the lack of color becomes an afterthought. The circular rhythm of representation keeps the eye moving throughout, examining bees up close and at a distance. Elke Daemmrich’s utilization of mixed perspectives give rise to an awareness of a life so miniscule yet profoundly significant. For Daemmrich, the truth is in the details.”

Elke Daemmrich
Elke Daemmrich, Aquanaut, copper engraving, 16″ x 12″.

Elke Daemmrich’s colorful paintings and engravings have been purchased for many private and public collections throughout Europe.

She is a member of the Fondation Taylor in Paris and of the A.I.A.P. Comité Monégasque Auprès de l’Unesco, under the honory presidency of the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Visit Elke Daemmrich’s website at www.elkedaemmrich.com


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