Gaya Paints Colorful Tactile Abstractions

She Creates Variations of Themes Inspired by Nature and Music

Gaya is an abstract artist from Toronto, Canada. She is adept at using the  power of color and texture to create abstract paintings that capture the intrinsic poetic beauty of nature.

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Gaya Most of Gaya’s art is a celebratory  profusion of gestural strokes. Her use of the impasto painting methods manifest in producing highly tactile works of art. The raised surfaces of her paintings are lush, reflective, and alive with movement.

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Gaya, When Magnets Bloom, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″.

Her Unique Artistic Expression

Gaya’s aesthetic approach and painting techniques combine many of the best painterly elements from Impressionism  as well as the spontaneity and experimentation of Abstract Expressionism.

She explains, “To define the underlying aesthetic concept of my artwork, it is an abstraction which represents an amalgamation of various streams in the contemporary art.”

Her paintings can be described as continuous abstract variations on the theme of the beauty of nature.  In addition to being inspired by nature the artist also attributes music as a powerful source of inspiration, and states, it “induces my profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of artwork.”

Gaya, Blue Glories of the Snow, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″.

Honors and Awards

Gaya’s paintings have received many awards including a number of Special Recognition Awards from Light Space & Time Gallery. She also received Publisher Choice Awards from Art & Beyond Magazine.

The artist was among the winners in art competitions presented by the Contemporary Art Gallery Online and a nominee of Palm Art Award 2014, an online art program based in Germany. She was also selected for an exhibition by Still Point Art Gallery and included in the Winter 2014 issue of the Still Point Art Quarterly, which is based in Maine.

Gaya, Tradition, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″.

World-Wide Exhibitions

Gaya actively exhibits in galleries and art spaces in Toronto. Her exhibitions have included those at the Insomnia Salon Soirée by the Red Head Gallery as part of the Nuit Blanche cultural program, Artify, and Silver Moon Show in Art Square Gallery.

Outside of Canada, her work was showcased in Barcelona during the prestigious BCN 2014 International Art Fair in December 2014. She has been invited to exhibit in several art shows and fairs in major art meccas in Europe.

Gaya, Timeless, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″.

Additional Achievements and Recognition

Gaya’s art works have been published in Volume IX of International Contemporary Artists art book, an established edition distributed internationally to art collectors, curators and major galleries and museums in the U.S. and Europe.

Last year, Gaya started her remarkable collaboration with Google Open Gallery, which makes the technology behind Google Cultural Institute’s cultural projects available to artists to publish and share their artwork and other cultural content. Her artwork was also selected by the Curatorial Team of Google to show in the newly launched Chromecast feature.

She is a member of CARFAC and Federation of Canadian Artists.

Gaya, Twilight Visions With a Piano, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″.

She Has Found Her True Calling

With years of graduate studies ranging from a degree in biology to event planning and after extended years of professional experience in different fields of occupation, Gaya says she has found her true calling of being an artist.

She states, “Creation through abstract art is the sublime freedom to express oneself. To be an artist means to me to gain that ultimate and sought-after freedom.”

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  1. Gaya is an wonderful creator of human spirit freedom of expression tracing towards sublime . Its difficult to understand true meaning of her art , but it makes me think silently the very purpose of our existence..color reflects in heart and curves align with rhythm. A great artist …..

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