Innovative Artists Who Enjoy Challenges

Pushing The Creative Boundaries

Innovative artists who embrace the challenge of using difficult materials or fusing mediums are often pioneers in new creative realms.  Here are some of the  members of Manhattan Arts International who fit that description.

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Gunilla Löfgren– Reversed Alchemical Processes

Gunilla Lofgren
Gunilla Löfgren, Energy Green, mixed media, 12″ x 12″.

Gunilla Löfgren’s imaginative use of materials positions her among leading contemporary artists.  The artist from Sweden  applies reversed alchemical processes and incorporates such diverse materials as Salix, textiles, sculpture, thread, metal leaf, and earth.

She has been known to use wasp nests, metal leaf, and mirrors in her artwork. One such mixed media painting recently won an Award of Excellence in Manhattan Arts International’s “HERStory” exhibition.

Nancy Staub Laughlin – Pastels and Photography

Nancy Staub Laughlin
Nancy Staub Laughlin, Sprinkling of Glow and Flurries, pastel on paper, photographs 25 x 32.

Nancy Staub Laughlin, who has been reviewed in The New York Times, has created a new concept of the “still life” working with pastels on paper and photography.

The artist from New Jersey applies many layers of juxtaposing elements, such as photographs of a landscape in different seasons and detailed photographs of glowing or glittering moments.  After photographing her “stills”, she incorporates the photograph into the pastels to complete the final drawings.

Frantisek Strouhal – Lithography and Paint

Frantisek Strouhal
Frantisek Strouhal, Aurora, oil printing and lithography inks on paper, 24” x 20”.

Canadian artist Frantisek Strouhal creates “Art Embracing Awareness” in mixed media that captures figures in dreamlike metaphysical realms. His choices of brushes, papers, textures and lithographic inks determine the quality of his images. It takes him many hours to build up a depth of ink, layer by layer, to create the desired image.

He explains, “The processes I use are slow but intense; the result is an image that asks for that time back from the viewer. “

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  1. New uses of media and materials push the boundaries of art. They inspire artists to explore the subject of artistic transformation and ways of making an age old painting tradition fresh and original.

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