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Interview With Artist Susanne Buckler

First Place Special Recognition Award-Winner in “HERStory 2016”

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“It is important that this project empowers and unites all women.”
~ Susanne Buckler (about her Vagina Dialogs series)

Susanne Buckler
Susanne Buckler

Susanne Buckler is an award-winning photographer, video artist, “Process Artist” and mixed media artist who lives and works in New York, NY. Her several in-depth series which she refers to as “Still Life Stories”, provide profound insight into the human condition.

She won the First Place Special Recognition Cash Award in Manhattan Arts International “HERStory 2016” because of her artistic excellence and breath and depth of her art. She submitted images  from her “Vagina Dialogs”, her most recent project.

The artist is also a member of the Manhattan Arts International Artist Showcase Gallery. Visit her page here.

Banner image: Susanne Buckler, I Just Go For It/ T’s Favorite Part. Deconstructed portraits derived from a video series in response to the recurring question; which are the favorite parts of your body? Digitally printed on paper or fabric.

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Susanne Buckler, Vagina Dialogs/ Love is More Important Than Sex/Triptych, Inkject on silk and paper, 17” x 22". Larger sizes available.
Susanne Buckler, Vagina Dialogs/ Love is More Important Than Sex/Triptych, Inkject on silk and paper, 17” x 22″. Larger sizes available.

All of her digital images are printed on Canson Paper and Translucent Silk in various sizes.  Her art is in personal collections around the world. She has been featured in many publications such as Photo District News, The Wonderful World of Photography, Photo Design Magazine, Ad Directions and others. In American Photographer magazine writer David Kalish stated, “Susanne Buckler records beauty with her intuitive eyes and her moving imagination.”

The artist earned a BFA from The Maryland Institute, College of Art and also attended Syracuse University. She taught at The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

The following interview contains excerpts from her comprehensive website used with her permission.

Susanne Buckler
Susanne Buckler, Quote, photograph, from the “Vagina Dialogs”.

Would you please describe your process for the series “Vagina Dialogs”?

SB: I begin by videoing and photographing women of all ages and ethnicities, dressed in their own simple black garments, that reveal only their hands, face and feet. I ask them a series of questions some being,”When did you first notice your body”? “Is it important for you to feel beautiful?” “If you could speak to your vagina what would you say?” and “Which are your favored parts of your body?” I then begin to feature those parts in a series of deconstructed portraits.

What do you hope to achieve with this series?

SB: It is important that this project empowers and unites all women. They seek to reveal the inner persona residing on the inside while the video interviews reflect a more predetermined criterion of questions, which reveal their personal responses as the interior person begins to emerge on the outside. This project offers women a common ground to go beyond not just the physical, but to their core, emotionally, through their own bodies.

Susanne Buckler
Susanne Buckler, Surprised Survival/Ablutions, each piece available individually. Signed limited editions, archival inkjet prints on paper and canvas. Available in sizes 17” x 22” and 48” x 60”.

What is the catalyst behind your “Surprised Survival” series?

SB: I have documented my highly personal struggle with a life-threatening illness. I have been in a continuous battle with a body that I feel has relentlessly betrayed me. The work is my reaction to a hard process and difficult situation. For this series I developed a specialized technique using digital photographs and changing ink on paper.

What do you hope to achieve in this series?

SB:  I view the artistic process as a liberating, creative journey of pure human expression. They are my memento mori. They are also my desire and hope for what can exist in the face of the ever-present looming uncertainty. It is my aspiration that these personal images can be a shared healing for myself and for others.

Susanne Buckler
Disposables/Flight. Signed limited editions, archival inkjet print on paper, 17” x 22”.

What inspired your “Disposables” series?

SB: Disposables, focuses on objects that are considered waste in our culture (plastic containers or toilet paper). In these compositions, I create intimate visual relationships with these un-treasured objects, emphasizing their luminosity, opacity, tactile qualities and their sheer beauty.

I can see shapes, forms and colors worth documenting in the juxtaposition of common everyday things that we only use once or twice and then discard. Chinese food containers, plastic bags as well as straws are all seen through different eyes. By photographing these things all jumbled together, I have given them new life, meaning and purpose.

Susanne Buckler, Botanical 1, photograph.
Susanne Buckler, Botanical 1, photograph.

Do you have any other series?

SB: My ongoing “Botanical” series captures some flowers in a discrete moment in time. Then they are gone. They are as compelling and as fragile as the human body and Chinese Food Containers. The process of capturing them work to extend their lives and beauty.

What are some of your current/upcoming exhibitions?

SB: “Same But Different”, NYC4PA, NYC, NY (online exhibition and in a printed catalog); Neoteric Abstract IV, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY; “Boston Biennial 4”, Boston, MA; and of course HERStory 2016, Manhattan Arts International.

Visit Susanne Buckler’s website

6 thoughts on “Interview With Artist Susanne Buckler”

  1. I am most impressed with your work. I was hoping to be a part of it as I feel you are part of my family. Very proud of you

    1. I am touched deeply by all your wonderful thoughtful and encouraging comments. With hugs gratitude and love Susanne

  2. Your work is a poignant and telling capture of your true
    Emotions, expressed with unusual talent and honesty. A
    visual explosion of feelings and reality.

  3. I’m happy for your happiness. I visited you at your Nyc home a few years ago.
    I felt a deep heart connecting. I was honored by you.
    Your art here is just cool fab. I adore it.
    I hold hands w you Suzanne B. forever.
    Yours w big love, mukti
    Come visit me anytime in Miami.

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