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Jane Caminos ~ Featured Artist Award-Winner

Featured Artist Article by Renée Phillips

Jane Caminos has long been highly recognized as a proficient realist painter known for having “the spirit of the raconteur”. Her bold command of color, design and composition in several mediums captures our immediate attention and keeps us enthralled. That feat is  easy for the prolific artist who has many huge messages to communicate.

Jane Caminos, Grenade, oil and colored pencil, 24″ x 30″

Winner of First Place Featured Artist Award in The Healing Power of ART Exhibition

An artist activist, Caminos is driven by a purpose to raise awareness about the vitally important issues that are in dire need of social change. Because of her extraordinary talent and purpose she was selected to win the Featured Artist Award in “The Healing Power of ART 2016” juried competition. From the several hundred entries we received Caminos’ art was the most compelling. It is an honor to share her powerful art and story with our Manhattan Arts International audience.

When Caminos submitted her entries to the juried exhibition she wrote, “I am stronger than the fear and pain I experience as a disabled  cancer survivor. I am a narrative painter of women across all cultures whose lives contain more fear and pain than my own. By telling their stories, I become empowered to increase awareness of suffering in those who are unaware; I am free of fear in living.”

Her Source of Motivation

Jane Caminos, One of Three, oil and colored pencil, 24" x 30".
Jane Caminos, One of Three, oil and colored pencil, 24″ x 30″.

Several years ago, after watching a PBS documentary about the brutality and lack of freedom endured by women around the world, Caminos was motivated to use her art as a voice of protest. She states, “I believe it’s the responsibility of artists to use their talent as a means of changing the world for the better.” That event sparked the inception of her major ongoing series, “On Women Bound”.

This major collection of work exposes the violence perpetrated against girls and women throughout the world focusing on such issues as acid maiming, breast ironing, female genital mutilation, wartime rape, rape in the United States military and in colleges, sex trafficking, and more.

Jane Caminos, Up on the Roofie, oil and colored pencil, 24" x 30".
Jane Caminos, Up on the Roofie, oil and colored pencil, 24″ x 30″.

The artist who champions womens’ rights proclaims, “It would be an easy matter to choose horrific scenes that shock and disgust, but with respect for these suffering women, I’ve decided to choose a more mannered approach. Although many of the paintings carry a narrative that can be uncomfortable to deal with, the message must express the demand that these gender specific crimes can no longer be ignored.”

Many Career Accomplishments

Manhattan Arts International is not the first venue where Caminos’ art has been featured. The artist and her art have appeared in many publications including the front page of the Boston Globe Sunday Edition, Tribeca Trib,
 At the Edge Magazine,  and the Kessler Foundation calendar, among others. Her art has been published in several exhibition catalogues.

Jane Caminos, “Saint Malala”, mixed media, 29" x 29".
Jane Caminos, “Saint Malala”, mixed media, 29″ x 29″.

Her extensive career, has included many solo and juried group exhibitions that have taken place at Arc Gallery, Chicago; Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY; Gallery U, Westfield, NJ; and Overlook Medical Center, Summit, NJ; among others. She has also had several exhibitions with the National Women’s Caucus for Art, a leading women’s arts organization. Her artwork was selected for the important “Social Justice” juried exhibition presented by Cornett-Gutfreund Unite Women, Inc, in Santa Maria, CA,

Caminos has also created another highly recognized body of work that depicts women from other generations. Her subjects are often pulled from family albums. In her inimitable style, these paintings do not merely reproduce the photographs. They narrate the stories of the subjects with the inclusion of an assortment of “props” from animals and fruits to a variety of foods, such as fried eggs or pasta, perhaps shrimp floating in the air, set in lush, decorative landscapes.

Jane Caminos, Empower Me, oil, acrylic gouache, colored pencil, 36” x 28”.
Jane Caminos, Empower Me, oil, acrylic gouache, colored pencil, 36” x 28”.

Education and Professional Background

Jane Caminos received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and worked in the book publishing trade in Boston and New York for many years before she established an independent design and illustration studio. The narrative themes that have made her so popular can be traced to vast experience as an illustrator.

We hope by sharing Caminos’ art and intentions with you that her art can continue to serve as a catalyst for bringing about positive change. She deserves and receives our highest esteem and support.

Visit Jane Caminos’ website at www.janecaminos.com


3 thoughts on “Jane Caminos ~ Featured Artist Award-Winner”

  1. Expert and driven filled with passion with a quest for compassion and justice! All explodes on the canvas of Jane. Magnificent and incredible keep on dear sweet cousin. You never let anything get you down!!

    1. What a nice surprise to find this message from my closest cousin!
      I’m truly honored to be a part of this organization and to be chosen as a winner. Let’s pray it helps to open other doors so the message reaches many more people, around the world. The abuse of women continues at a runaway pace and if I can raise awareness even a small bit, making the work will never ever get me down. Ever. xxj

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