Karl H. Szekielda Creates Compelling Abstract Paintings

He Creates A Synthesis of  Science and Art

Karl H. Szekielda’s paintings are a synthesis of art and science and an expression of mystery and wonder.  They evoke a sensual and energetic condition of atmospheric light with effortless movement.  His grey-blue backgrounds and soft edges provide a dynamic presence of infinity.

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Karl H. Szekielda

Born in Germany, Karl H. Szekielda started painting in Berlin. After his studies in Germany and France, he came to the United States to work as a fellow under NASA. In 1990 the artist moved to The Hamptons,  where he currently maintains his studio.  Located on Long Island, in New York, this locale is known for its vibrant community and attracting such renowned artists as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.

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Karl H. Szekielda
Karl H. Szekielda, untitled, oil on canvas, 72” x 60”.

Expressions in Color and Form

Szekielda believes that science and art are “connecting, interspersed and overlapping”. His professional background in science brings a unique vision to his compelling paintings and three-dimensional montages.

With a superior handling of graduated tones, gestures, and a variety of translucent and transparent applications of paint he achieves a robust rhythmic  expression. Colors and forms  coalesce in an exquisite sense of harmony, balance and depth.

Karl H. Szekielda
Karl H. Szekielda, untitled, oil on canvas, 72” x 60”.

Nature and Transformation

In many of his works we catch glimpses of tactile earth formations, fluid movement of oceans, and the expansiveness of the sky. However, instead of depicting specific physical properties the viewer experiences the images on a visceral level that reminds one of  the continuous transformation and metamorphosis that exists in nature.

As Szekielda explains, “Earth structures and ocean features are extracted and transformed into captured elements, time and energy and painted onto canvas.”

Karl H. Szekielda

Karl H. Szekielda, untitled, oil on canvas, 72” x 60”.

International Travel and Collections

Even though Szekielda pursued a professional career in science his commitment to creating art was always present and very active.

Throughout his professional life he has traveled and worked in many different countries. His work has been exhibited internationally including venues in New York, NY and The Hamptons, and his paintings are included in many private collections in Boston, Long Island, Berlin, Toronto, Vienna and Manila.

Karl H. Szekielda
Karl H. Szekielda, untitled, oil on canvas, 72” x 60”.

Imagination and Flow

Szekielda states, “Art is for me a constructive process that is based on my imagination and a thorough understanding of material flow that leads to an esthetic arrangement until it pleases me. My imagination goes even beyond because imagination reaches the universe and knows no boundaries. For me this a very important fact to evaluate ourselves and finally owe our achievements in art and science to the imagination of man, to his ability to be limitless in use of form and material, to his wonderment of what he sees and does not see, to his attempts to find the how and why of everything, to his vision, and to his freedom to create.”

Karl H. Szekielda
Karl H. Szekielda, untitled, mixed media, oil on canvas and wood, 60” x 144″.

Career Highlight

A highlight of Szekielda’s exhibition career was during the celebration of the “Einstein Year 2005,”  when he was invited as a scientist/artist by the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany to present a one-person exhibition New York, NY.

Szekielda continues to teach and is involved in the interpretation of satellite data.

Visit Karl H. Szekielda’s website www.szekielda-art.com


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