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About Linda S. Watson

Linda S. Watson is an award-winning artist whose abstract paintings glow with the iridescence that is found in nature’s colors and light.

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Linda S. Watson, Beneath the Surface (from the "Water Series"), acrylic on canvas, 13” x 13”.
Linda S. Watson, Beneath the Surface (from the “Water Series”), acrylic on canvas, 13” x 13”.

Watson combines oils, acrylics and mixed media to create vivid and highly textured surfaces. Translucent turquoise seas and fiery volcanic landscapes, set against endless starry skies serve as the sources for her awe-inspiring works.

Linda S. Watson, Stellar Nebula (from the "Universe Series"), oil and mixed media on canvas, 8” x 11”.
Linda S. Watson, Stellar Nebula (from the “Universe Series”), oil and mixed media on canvas, 8” x 11”.

Born and raised in Northern California, Watson moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to continue the art career that began in San Francisco. Her undergraduate and graduate training included interdisciplinary studies in art history, studio art and art research.

For over 30 years, Watson’s art has been exhibited in many one-person and group art shows in Northern California and Hawaii. Her work is owned by private collectors throughout the world. Watson’s art is currently represented on the Big Island by One Gallery in Hilo and Volcano Art Center.

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14 thoughts on “Linda S. Watson – Paintings”

  1. Linda’s work is exceptional. There is a presence of strength and playful action here. The colors are vibrant and feel as if they are dancing, swimming and coming to the surface.

  2. Her work is colorful and pleasing, full of texture and flow. You can gaze upon it at long length as it takes your imagination on an adventure. Linda’s work is as exceptional as the artist herself. I’m so happy she is inspired by her paradise home and has evolved into an artist, that not only finds joy in expressing herself through art, but also shares it freely as it gives each viewer insight into the beauty of her world. The world is blessed and is better because of Linda Watson’s gifts.

  3. I’m a proud owner of two a Linda’s beautiful paintings. She is one of those rare artists who is able to capture the essence and natural beauty of the world through her art. This is due not only to her immense talent, but to her ability to see past the surface value of everyday things in her surroundings.

  4. One of the most marvelous aspects of Linda’s art is her use of a variety of textures and colors to add to the expressiveness of the work. The photos of her work are stunning, but to fully experience the magic, one needs to appreciate it in person.

  5. I have never had the good fortune to go to the Hawaiian Islands and certainly hope that some day I might. But it’s ok if I don’t because Linda Watson’s paintings teleport me there and through them I walk with all the beauty, mystique and power the islands possess. Thanks to Linda for being the conduit for earthing these paintings of the spirit so we may bathe in the light.

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