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Since 2000 Manhattan Arts International has had an active presence on the Internet. As a pioneer we established one of the first online galleries.

Currently, on this website, there are more than 100 artists who  are being featured and promoted through one or more of our curated programs. They are the Artist Showcase Gallery, Featured Artists Articles, and Juried Exhibitions.

The banner above features art by Chantal Leblanc, one of the  members in the Artist Showcase Gallery. Our curated art programs have served as trusted and reliable resources for art buyers and art professionals. We promote artists from all parts of the globe working in different styles and media.

We do not charge any sales commissions on art that is sold through our website. We encourage you to contact the artists directly. You will their websites and social media links on their pages.

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Shulin Sun
Shulin Sun, a member of the Featured Artists Program.

Articles and interviews about artists from around the world, written by Renée Phillips and guest writers.  Visit The Featured Artists Articles Directory.

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Communion, painting by Chantal Leblanc.
Communion, painting by Chantal Leblanc.

Art by approcimately 100 Artist Members from around the world who specialize  in a variety of styles and mediums, such as Chantal Leblanc, an artist from Canada.

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We present several juried exhibitions each year in order to give hundreds of artists awards, exposure and encouragement. As a result of these exhibitions many artists have enjoyed the recognition, accolades and career advancement they deserve.
Current Call For Artists: New Beginnings.

About Renée Phillips, Founder

Renée Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International, has been an advocate and promoter of artists since she attended The Art Student’s League. She had a successful career as an artist before deciding to change career directions in order to help other artists. She realized there weren’t high quality venues for emerging artists to receive recognition. As an author, curator, writer and artists advocate, she established Manhattan Arts International and has continued its mission to promote under-recognized artists who excel in their chosen styles and mediums. Read more about her.


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