Mason Mangung Kang, Over The Hill

New Beginnings Exhibition

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Renee Phillips
Renee Phillips, founder/direction of Manhattan Arts International, and Curator of “New Beginnings”.

“New Beginnings”  was a recent online exhibition of 61 artists from around the world, December 27, 2016 – February 27, 2017.  As founder/director of Manhattan Arts International, I was delighted to serve as the curator for “New Beginnings”. We received several hundred entries and an array of creative expressions on the “New Beginnings” theme — from nature-inspired and figurative life-affirming images to innovative works of art made with new materials and mediums, to art that reflects the artists’ personal transformation. We invited viewers to view the art on all of the pages, visit the artists’ websites, and contact the artists directly to purchase or exhibit their art.” ~ Renée Phillips

The banner image above on the top of this page is a painting titled “Over The Hill” by Mason Mansung Kang. He received the top Featured Artist Special Recognition.

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