Philip Noyed

Philip Noyed Creates Luminous Artwork

He Explores Light, Color and Space in Two and Three Dimensions

Featured Artists Article by Renée Phillips

Philip Noyed is an innovative multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates luminous photographs, geometric light box illuminations, videos, paintings and mixed media installations.

Philip Noyed
His art work represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today.

Bold colors, light, and high-voltage geometric compositions characterize his versatile artworks that he transforms into wall-mounted or free-standing sculptural objects.

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Medallion, C-type Lambda print mounted on ¼” acrylic, framed with white ½” acrylic and back lit by LED lights, 36” x 42”.

About His Artistic Process

Noyed’s art is printed as translucent Lambda C-type transparencies, surface-mounted to clear acrylic, framed in white acrylic, and back lit by LEDs or fluorescent lights.

About his process he explains, “I begin by photographing subjects, usually my own oil paintings, at slow shutter speeds, transforming hard-edged, dimensional shapes into vibrant light-emitting compositions.”

The artist then reworks the photographic images using digital technology, to enhance the color, saturation, temperature and form. “I also skew, distort, cut, replicate and merge the sampled images, creating new kaleidoscopic shapes.”

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Solarium Prism, C-type Lambda prints mounted on ¼” acrylic, framed with white ½” acrylic and back lit by LED lights. 20″ x 40” x 3”.

A Myriad of Animated Transitions

Noyed provides viewers with a mesmerizing experience as a myriad of transitions occur naturally as light passes through the art work. When viewed with 3-D glasses the animated surfaces of his paintings become more hypnotic.

His kinetic images provide a dynamic presence that grace many residential and corporate spaces. They combine a modern architectural sensibility with the power to induce relaxation.

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Improv Tube, (Front and back views), C-type Lambda prints mounted in ¼” acrylic tubes and lit by LED lights, 30” x 7”.

Geometric Illuminations

Noyed’s background as a ceramic artist and also an expressionist painter have imbued his artwork with dimension and movement.  In addition to skillful application of design elements, color has always been a constant source of inspiration for the artist.

His “Geometric Illuminations” series demonstrate the culmination of his exploration of light, color and space. Accurately named, they successfully embrace the essence of of geometric abstract painting and produce a light-filled ambiance.

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Blue & Red Triangle (left) Red, Orange & Yellow Triangle (right). C-type Lambda prints mounted on ¼” acrylic, 3-sided triangle interior lit by LED lights, 40” x 16”.

Exhibitions and Accolades

Noyed’s many one-person and group exhibitions include: Jeune Lune and The Marsh Gallery, both in in Minnesota; Bashimi Art House Gallery, in Salzburg, Austria; and Red Bluff Art Gallery, in California; among others. His upcoming exhibition “Geometric Illuminations” will be presented at the Phipps Center for the Arts, in Hudson, Wisconsin, May 22 – June 21, 2015.

The artist has been featured in several publications including Visual Art Beat Magazine and on television.

He has also won many national and international awards for his outstanding work in graphic design, digital design, video and brand development.

Philip Noyed
Philip Noyed, Improv Triptych in Blue, Magenta, Green and White, Lambda prints mounted on acrylic and backlit with LED light panel. 11″ x 36″ x 2″. Each image framed by white acrylic.

Poetic Works of Art

Noyed’s images are poetic and tranquil in nature as exemplified in the above piece titled “Improv Triptych in Blue, Magenta, Green and White”.  The atmospheric qualities of his art are always prevalent.

This work of art was included in the “Ultra-Color Collection” presented at a private reception hosted at the Musee du Louvre in July, 2015, as part the Fifth Annual Exposure Award.

Philip Noyed received a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from Hamline University. His perspective on art is influenced by living in Japan for three years where he studied ceramics, calligraphy and Noh Theater.

He is clearly a visionary and pioneer in art, design as well as the performing arts. He was the first American to perform at the National Noh Theater in Tokyo, Japan.

Visit Philip Noyed’s website at

You can also view his video on YouTube:


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  1. Congratulations Philip. Your artwork has grown into something awe inspiring.
    Perhaps you will look back and recall we worked together at Target.Direct. Great to see you doing what you love.

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