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Photographers Share Their Visions

Teri Leigh Teed, Dana Klein, and Martha Coaty

So much has transpired in the world of photography since around 1800, when Thomas Wedgwood made the first known attempt to capture the image in a camera obscura by means of a light-sensitive substance. The following members of Manhattan Arts International have chosen photography as their medium. Here, we share their creative visions and sources of inspiration.

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Teri Leigh Teed

Teri Leigh Teed, Edge of the Forest, Treetops, photograph
Teri Leigh Teed, Edge of the Forest, Treetops, photograph

Teri Leigh Teed  “cajoles the camera to paint the subtle and lyrical qualities of Nature’s canvas.” She captures tranquil landscapes, woods, and water scenes that take us to mystical worlds.

The artist, who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina,  writes, “When walking through a forest, the Light and the Spirit of the Place leads me to the right moment in time and the right subject for the photograph. I believe that the healing energies of a place are channeled into the photograph, the stories, poetry and songs, and reach out to the viewer and audience and inspire them to open their hearts and minds for the union with the Divine.”

Sharing her stories and artwork with the world is part of her life mission. “My sincere hope is that these personal gifts will help you find your own inner peace, and perhaps bring a remembrance of who you are.”

Dana Klein

Dana Klein, Hope, Photography, 16” x 24”.
Dana Klein, Hope, Photography, 16” x 24”.

Photographer Dana Klein captures beauty and creates storytelling images with uplifting messages.

“I focus on capturing life and creating magical images using natural light. I specialize in stylized whimsical shoots tailored to the unique vision of my clients.” Her photographic sessions begin with a rough sketch of her and her client’s vision, and  ends “with my customized detailed editing technique that makes each and every image a work of art.”

She has a special mission as a photographer. “I have combined my love for art and passion for photography to create storytelling images with uplifting messages of hope, strength and resilience. My work features breast cancer survivors and the important message they want to embrace and share with others.”

Martha Coaty

Martha Coaty, Revival, photograph 16" x 24".
Martha Coaty, Revival, photograph 16″ x 24″.

Martha Coaty has been a photographer for over 30 years, specializing in fine art photography of Door County Wisconsin as well as outdoor photography of Northern Wisconsin.

“Images that are meaningful to me are those that exude an emotion of affection, survival, sadness or joy. I love the happy appeal of color and the broodiness of black and white.”

None of her images are staged. She explains, “Simplicity narrows my approach when finding geometric shapes and color on the landscape. I use stillness to represent the peacefulness of my subjects. I feel connected to my images in a spiritual sense of how I got there, or why I was there to record what I saw. ”

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