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Rose Adare brings an evocative realism to classical portraiture with sensual expressionism, dynamic colors, and a meticulous attention to detail. In her highly recognized “Restraint & Revolution” series of oil paintings she portrays 21st century counterculture icons embodying courageous vulnerability.

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Rose Adare, Venus Unbound, oil on Belgian linen, 36 x 48".
Rose Adare, Venus Unbound, oil on Belgian linen, 36 x 48″.

Adare’s “50 Shades of Real” exhibition “explores modern sensual taboos without the fiction”.  Her other long-running projects include “Mahalo Nui Loa”, an homage to indigenous cultures and “Modern Muses”, a reimagining of archetypal myths.

A graduate of SF AAU and the Temescal Atelier of Classical Realism, Adare has exhibited at the San Francisco Legion of Honor, and other venues. She is a guest curator and an invited artist at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2016, where she will present her paintings, lectures, and workshops.

Rose Adare, The Eleventh Hour, oil on Belgian linen, 48" x 24".
Rose Adare, The Eleventh Hour, oil on Belgian linen, 48″ x 24″.

Adare’s educational art tours include detailed and inspiring biographies, her book “Restraint & Revolution: The Art of Adare”, and emotive DVD documentaries.

Her paintings that celebrate diversity have earned many accolades including a top award in the Manhattan Arts International’s, “Hot Topics-Bold Expressions” exhibition in 2015-2016.

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  1. Rose Adare’s paintings are stunning and masterful works of art. Her oil painting techniques hark back to the Renaissance masters, yet her subject matter is provocatively 21st century. She deserves worldwide recognition.

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