Shulin Sun

Shulin Sun Paints The Strength and Resiliency of Nature

His Unique Style Blends East and West

Shulin Sun conveys the strength and resiliency of nature in eloquent abstract paintings that combine Eastern and Western elements.

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Shulin Sun
Shulin Sun

Sun belongs to that coterie of great artists in history who were raised during times of social and political upheaval. He grew up in Beijing, China shortly following the Communist Revolution. His early experiences instilled an innate sense of strength and resiliency and an affinity for the same qualities inherent in nature.

As the artist states, “I believe that art should come from nature and elevate from it. For millions of years, life has survived in extreme weather and conditions. Inspiration is taken from this unrelenting determination and communicated through organic lines and color.”

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Shulin Sun, Roots 1,
Shulin Sun, Roots 1, ink and color on paper, 48″ x 24″.

Flawless Brushwork, Harmony and Discipline

Shulin Sun’s paintings are characterized by flawless brushwork, triumphant gestural lines, and bold forms that convey an alluring sense of depth, dimension and expansiveness. He achieves exquisite harmony and balance as a result of his expert command of positive and negative space.

Sun’s inimitable style is the culmination of many years of discipline and experimentation. He graduated from Beijing Normal University, with a BFA. He began his career in the early 1980’s specializing in Chinese painting with Chinese colors and ink on paper. When he emigrated to the United States in 1996 he started to combine traditional Chinese painting techniques and philosophies with elements from contemporary American and European art.

His art has been exhibited world-wide and his work is in personal collections and private museums.

Shulin Sun
Shulin Sun, Roots 48, ink and color on paper, 48″ x 24″.

Three Distinctive Series

Sun’s three major series are titled “Roots”, “Fall” and “Winter”.  He approaches each painting with intense feelings inspired  by nature to “provide the viewer with infinite opportunities to imagine and explore.”

About his “Roots” series, which embody the solid, spirited bedrock of nature and human nature, he states, “Roots are the foundations of plants in nature. They endure extreme hardship to survive and grow. Some roots grew deep in earth, others in water, and some even grew through narrow gaps in rock. This type of determination inspires me to overcome difficulties in life and continuously absorb new knowledge.”

Shulin Sun, Fall 1
Shulin Sun, Fall 1, ink and color on paper, 36″ x 60″.

The “Fall” Series

Nature’s intrinsic vitality, power and versatility are found in all of Sun’s work including his series titled “Fall”. We can sense the undulating energy emanating from the earth, water and sky as all elements coalesce in a beautiful symphony of movement.

The artist who currently lives in Michigan explains, “Fall is always rich in colors and layers. I use simple yet abstract techniques to describe mountains, lotus ponds, trees and fields in the fall. Inspiration comes from southern China, China’s Manchuria region, Michigan and The Canadian Rockies.”

Shulin Sun
Winter 4, ink and color on paper, 39″ x 60″.

The “Winter” Series

Among Shulin Sun’s favorite subjects are winter and snow scenes.  In his “Winter” series he suggests the beautiful contrasts in climate change in the use of predominant shades of grey and a variety of textures.

About his “Winter” series he states, “Having spent many years in China’s Manchuria region I was deeply impressed with the extreme cold weather, snow, and forests in this region. I’m inspired by the strength and determination displayed in nature. Besides Manchuria, snow scenes in Michigan and The Canadian Rockies also inspired me.”

Shulin Sun
Roots 9, ink and color on paper, 24″ x 18″.

Exhibitions, Honors and Accolades

Shulin Sun has had exhibitions in Europe and Asia, including those at the University of Tübingen, West Germany, “The Chinese Outstanding Authors Art Works Show ” Sapporo, Japan; and the ” Wan Li Jiang Shan Qing” Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition, Ban Li Art Gallery, Singapore. His exhibitions in the United States include those at the Galleries Maurice Sternberg, in Chicago, Illinois and the International Decor Gallery, Houston, Texas.

In recognition for his artistic prowess Sun has received many honors including First Prize in the “Yao Hua Bei” calligraphy and painting competition co-conducted by Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Calligraphers Association and Chinese Three Gorges Publishing House.

He has also contributed to helping young artists. He organized the Michigan Asian Youth Art Competition and became director of the evaluation committee.

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