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HERStory 2017 Entry Form

This is the Entry Form Page for HERStory 2017

Before you complete this entry form read About HERStory 2017  for details and schedule.

By submitting your art to Manhattan Arts International “HERStory”, should your art be selected for the exhibition, you grant Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts International permission to use your image, artist’s statement, and website address for publicity purposes related to the exhibition.

IMPORTANT: Please follow these requirements if you want to avoid disqualification:

Images: You may enter 1-6 images.
Size: 700 pixels on the longest side. If you don’t know how to resize your JPEG here’s help: http://www.wikihow.com/Resize-a-JPEG
Maximum file size per image: 600 kb.
Resolution: 72-100 dpi.
How to Label Your Images: Provide your last name, first name initial, first word in title of your art and the number of your entry that corresponds to your entry form. Example: Phillips_R_Sunset-1.jpg
Your Artist’s Statement: Write your artist’s statement in the first person (“I”). Maximum length: 60 words. This statement will be used if your art is selected for the exhibition so proofread it and make sure it is no longer than 60 words.
Additional Reminder: You must be  a female artist,18 years or older, and have a website.

After you Click “Submit”- Entry Fee Payment

After you complete the form and click on the Submit button you will be taken to the “Entry Payment Page”. You can pay the non-refundable entry fee using safe and easy PayPal. All credit and debit cards are accepted through PayPal.

After we receive them we will send you a confirmation by email to the address you provide on your entry form. Please add these email addresses to your email address book. entries@manhattanarts.com and renee@manhattanarts.com.

If you follow all of the instructions above and you experience any problems uploading your entry form please send us an email and describe your problem to entries@manhattanarts.com.

Thank You for Your Entry

We look forward to seeing your entries and appreciate your participation in “HERStory 2017”.

REMINDER: Review your entry form before you click the SUBMIT button.

Street Address*
City, State, Zip code, Country*
Phone including area code:*
How did you learn about this exhibition?*
Your Artist's Statement written in your own words, in the first person. Maximum length 60 words. *
Would you like to be considered to win the Renee Phillips Art Mentorship Award: 3 art marketing/coaching telephone sessions? This award is available to U.S. artists only.
Title, Medium, & Dimensions in inches of Entry #1*
Upload Entry 1, maximum size 700 pixels on the longest side*
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Award of Merit Winners

“With pleasure I present the artists who won an Award of Merit. As the curator of ‘New Beginnings’ my selection process involved more than 100 hours of viewing the several hundred image entries and visits to artists’ websites. I assigned a score to each entry. In many instances, there was just a few points difference between those artists who won Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit. All exhibiting artists demonstrate creative and technical skills with their chosen mediums and submitted art that reflects the theme.” ~ Renée Phillips

More links to New Beginnings exhibition
Top Award Winners
Award of Excellence Winners
List of all exhibiting artists

Artists are presented in alphabetical order. Click images to see larger views. Please leave a comment below and visit often!

Carolyn M. Abrams, Spirit Vessel II, II, acrylic and plaster, 24" x 30".
Carolyn M. Abrams, Spirit Vessel II, II, acrylic and plaster, 24″ x 30″.

Carolyn Abrams
Before spoken language evolved, images were the representation of inner visionary states. My ancestors, mostly represented by animals, provide an essential spirituality within me.  The Spirit Horse has chosen to be the vessel that carries me back to the beginning; To summon  my dormant voice to awaken from its slumber.  How is it through their gentle but wild nature they inspire me to go back and begin anew? www.carolynabrams.com


Jeni Bate, Vermillion Delight; mixed media; 40" x 30" each of 2 panels.
Jeni Bate, Vermillion Delight; mixed media; 40″ x 30″ each of 2 panels.

Jeni Bate
My paintings start out as dawn off my back porch. From there they morph into abstract art – the more abstract possibilities of a day, including poetry written for and painted into them. My theme of sky is because that is where we live. Every dawn is a new beginning in a life lived in that sky. www.skyscapesforthesoul.com


Lee Tisch Bialczek, On The Grinnell Trail, Pastel, 9 x 14
Lee Tisch Bialczak, On The Grinnell Trail, pastel, 9″ x 14″.

Lee Tisch Bialczak
As a contemporary landscape artist, I paint to capture the emotional and inspirational gift of nature with soft pastel. Accomplishing this vision with the use of light and color, I strive to create a sense of energy by seizing the essence of nature at its most significant moment, awakening our perceptions and renewing the spirit. www.leetischbialczak.comw


Wayne Brungard, Notes to Myself, bas-relief: cast & fabricated bronze, 41.25″ x 41.75″ x 1.75″.

Wayne Brungard
I supported our family by completing commissions of “architectural elements” or “functional sculpture” until a life threatening illness caused me to question if I would ever be able to return to my studio. This need to create was a motivating factor in my recovery. So I began again by creating pieces that had only lived in sketches and maquettes. www.waynebrungard.com


Halin de Repentigny, Storm Runners oil on canvas, 24" x 30".
Halin de Repentigny, Storm Runners oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″.

Halin de Repentigny
The canvas awaits. My eyes closed, colors and textures come into focus moulding my interpretation of the landscape before me. The light plays gently on my vision, ever changing and shifting perspectives gently massaging hues and colors till finally I see the world I wish to create. My eyes open, paint meets canvas, another new beginning. https://halinderepentigny.ca


Roopa Dudley, The Land Of Enlightenment, acrylic, 14" x 11".
Roopa Dudley, The Land Of Enlightenment, acrylic, 14″ x 11″.

Roopa Dudley
I have traveled through galaxies in my mind’s eye in search of a place of all knowing and bliss. To my delight, I have discovered it right in the backyard of my consciousness where the past, the present and the future meets. Now I am fully awake and ready to explore this place created by no one else but me. www.roopadudley.com


Leanne Hamilton, Soaring, oil on canvas 30 x 30
Leanne Hamilton, Soaring, oil on canvas 30 x 30.

Leanne Hamilton
I am personally at a life junction so the themes represented here involve moving home, relocating, and of course new beginnings.  I use the landscape and the skyscape as a metaphor for the life experiences and themes I am portraying.  This keeps the themes subtle, enjoyable and positive. www.leannehamilton.com


Elaine Hunter, Rocky Mountain Glory in Moonlight, photograph, 24' x 36".
Elaine Hunter, Rocky Mountain Glory in Moonlight, photograph, 24′ x 36″.

Elaine Hunter
This photograph is from a series taken during an important journey in my life. I left my home in Ottawa to begin a new life in Halfmoon Bay BC Canada. It was a new beginning for me, someone once told me that my life was over when my children had grown up but I still look for new adventures. www.elainehunter.com


Christine Jolly, Hidden Gems, ink, acrylic, sand, varnish, 19.69″ x 25.39″
Christine Jolly, Hidden Gems, ink, acrylic, sand, varnish, 19.69″ x 25.39″

Christine Jolly
I have been moved by an expressive frenzy ever since I was a little girl. But only two years ago, did I truly began to pursue the dream of sharing accounts of my path to the truth, to love and unity through my artworks. Every canvas is an act of faith in life; questioning the stars while touching the ground. www.jolly-colors.com


Sandra Lett, Just a Trawlin'. www.sandralett.com
Sandra Lett, Just a Trawlin’, acrylic, 20” x 16”.

Sandra Lett
I grew up as a child watching my grandfather paint. It inspired me to take a few classes at a community college later in life and that was the beginning of my personal journey, of over 20 years now as an artist. I love to paint anything beautiful… with lots of color and heart. It is extremely satisfying and therapeutic for me. www.sandralett.com


Norma L. Lloyd, Journey Home, multimedia canvas print, 30” x 30”.
Norma L. Lloyd, Journey Home, multimedia canvas print, 30” x 30”.

Norma L. lloyd
“New Beginnings” represents a continual dance of creativity. As an abstract multimedia artist I employ a magical evoking aspect, spontaneous creative expression. These images, each having a unique story, are a tapestry of creation, a metamorphosis of the evolution of my soul. From a sacred intended space, in honor of the Divine gifts, they are transduced into form. As One Soul, we grow together. www.rejuvenationart.com


Sheila Neufeld, Miracle, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24".
Sheila Neufeld, Miracle, acrylic on canvas, 24″x24″.

Sheila Neufeld
I have always loved Butterflies. They are the embodiment of elegance, grace and expansion. My submission expresses the exhibition theme “New Beginnings” as the Butterfly, after a total metamorphosis is now in a new stage of life. Its transformation is a complete renewal and a new beginning. www.sheilaneufeld.com


Nancy Ridenour, 1Great White Egret on Marco Island, photograph on canvas, 24" x 20"
Nancy Ridenour, 1Great White Egret on Marco Island, photograph on canvas.

Nancy Ridenour
I am a digital photographer who focuses on capturing the beauty and essence of Florida birds. I enjoy the detail revealed by strong lenses that allow close observation. Each bird has its own character and daily life processes. This photography is a new beginning with a new camera and lens, printing on canvas instead of paper, and focusing on birds. http://nancyridenourartist.zenfolio.com


Mimi Shapiro, Holy Words, mixed media on gessoed hardboard, 10" x 10".
Mimi Shapiro, Holy Words, mixed media on gessoed hardboard, 10″ x 10″.

Mimi Shapiro
The title “New Beginnings” intrigued me, I am a collage artist who likes to work in series. Collage is a process of linking images that do not necessarily go together, color, size, content and they relate in a totally new way. Having boundaries helps me to clarify my ideas, moving the pieces until they spark something new, collage is always “New Beginnings.” www.mimiartz.com


Sometimes Life Needs A Little Drama, oil, 20” x 30”.
Sometimes Life Needs A Little Drama, oil, 20” x 30”.

Kelly Sooter
Every person who looks at a rural landscape asks themselves “what would it be like to stand here – breathing in the tranquility – to follow that path towards anew beginning?” I portray a visual pathway to start the journey — allowing the viewer to experience the emotion and feeling that’s buried deep — ready to be found and remembered. www.KellySooter.com


Helena Svensson, Timeless, photocollage, original file: approximately 15" x 20”
Helena Svensson, Timeless, photocollage, original file: approximately 15″ x 20”.

Helena Svensson
New Beginnings for me are two positive words. They bring hope that it is possible to start over again. With my photocollages I have started a new beginning in my artistic career. The technique brings me in to digital challenges but also to endless creative solutions and possibilities. www.svenskakonstnarer.se


Alex Tolstoy, Sunrise, watercolor, 20" x 16".
Alex Tolstoy, Sunrise, watercolor, 20″ x 16″.

Alex Tolstoy
New beginnings — a sunrise or glow at dawn, flowers in bloom, tranquillity. These submitted images show such situations with the intent to hint at what is to come. Details are not usually fully portrayed but merely hinted at. www.atolstoyart.com


White Amaryllis, oil on canvas on board, 18" W x 22".
Norma Torti, White Amaryllis, oil on canvas on board, 22″ x 18″.

Norma Torti
Revealing and sharing the truth about the beauty and goodness around me is why I create art. Every day I feel a childlike freedom as I observe colors, textures, and contrasts of simple things, especially in nature. I love to transform an empty canvas into a full, detailed story of my subjects in living color. www.normatorti.com

Miche Watkins, Misunderstanding, oil painting, 16″ x 12″..

Miche Watkins
My art portrays women sometimes looking back at past relationships, the problems, the misunderstandings, the rejections; but feeling strong enough to move on and make their own future, new beginnings, with or without a partner. There might be storm clouds on the horizon, misunderstandings may arise, but a strong woman will have enough self belief to stand tall. www.michewatkins.com


Henriette Westh, Threshold 2, oil on linen, 30’ x 24”.
Henriette Westh, Threshold 2, oil on linen, 30’ x 24”.

Henriette Westh
I have chosen the widest interpretation possible: The threshold that you cross from a known situation to an unknown situation. The experience could both be an exciting adventure or a frightening prospect. The view is highly subjective. I hope these works, which can be seen both individually and as a triptych, will speak to the spectator on a personal level. www.hw-art.dk


Beth Younger, National Harbor I, acrylic & mixed media, 36" x 24".
Beth Younger, National Harbor I, acrylic & mixed media, 36″ x 24″.

Beth Younger
I work from background to foreground, dark to light, working from the inside out. As I travel through this journey I embrace the contrast, welcome the struggle. Notions of perfection, imperfection and what is, are interwoven giving birth to harmonious contrast. After a long hiatus from pursuing my art career, this is a “new beginning”. www.bethyounger.com

View Top Award Winners

View the Award of Excellence Winners

See list of all exhibiting artists


Top Award-Winning Artists

We received so many excellent entries making this competition a challenging experience.  As the curator of “New Beginnings” my selection process involved a laser sharp concentration, numerous sessions in which I viewed the several hundred image entries, and prolonged visits to the artists’ websites. After more than 100 hours of deliberation I chose the top award-winning artists based on their highly developed individual styles, cohesive and expansive bodies of work, their superior creative and technical  skills, and  how well their submissions and statements reflect the theme New Beginnings. ~ Renée Phillips

Don’t forget to also view 40 Award of Excellence Winners and 21 Award of Merit Winners. Links are also provided at the bottom of this page.

R. Geoffrey Blackburn – First Place Special Recognition Cash Award

R. Geoffrey Blackburn has created a spectacular and cohesive body of paintings that take viewers on sojourns with nature — specifically the Red Rock region. His dramatic images inspire feelings of profound reverence, introspection, discovery and renewal.

R. Geoffrey Blackburn, "Indian Summer", Oil on Linen, 28" x 36".
R. Geoffrey Blackburn, “Indian Summer”, Oil on Linen, 28″ x 36″.

Artist’s Statement: I focus upon the juxtaposition of the flora and fauna of a scene against the spectacular ancient red rock geology which speaks to the endless renewal of nature and constant cyclical new beginnings. Moreover, by virtue of the detail and technique, I provide a way for the viewer to “walk into the painting” and experience a personal renewal as well. http://rgeoffreyblackburn.com

Denisa Prochazka – Second Place Special Recognition Cash Award

A superb artist with the utmost attention to detail, Denisa Prochazka creates outstanding figurative sculpture that inspires the highest aspirations in humanity. Her art work has been commissioned as awards of achievement.

Denisa Prochazka, Namaste Flower, Hydrostone cast with marble base, 20" x 11" x 9".
Denisa Prochazka, Namaste Flower, Hydrostone cast with marble base, 20″ x 11″ x 9″.

Artist’s Statement: The sculpture ‘Namaste Flower’ was created to inspire healing and strength of the female spirit. It resides at a Woman’s Shelter as a symbol of a new beginning. The sculpture relief ‘Embrace of Indigenous Wisdom’ symbolizes reconciliation, a new beginning. The sculpture relief ‘Gabriela’s Roots, the New Canadian’ symbolizes a new life of an immigrant of an African-Dominican origin. www.denisaprochazka.com

Jill Pankey – Third Place Special Recognition Cash Award

In her vibrant well-composed award-winning paintings, Jill Pankey celebrates women in a joyful reverie of fun,  vitality and camaraderie. Their expressions of exuberance and colorful attire exude optimism and negate all misconceptions about aging.

Jill Pankey, Mis Hermanas, oil on canvas, 48” x 60”.
Jill Pankey, Mis Hermanas, oil on canvas, 48” x 60”.

Artist’s Statement: The intention of my work is an exploration of life around me, and experimenting with color. I have experimented with the theme of the aging female with a focus on new beginnings, humor, color, pattern, and movement. I have been exploring the notion of a dreamlike quality. We may age but dreams and goals cannot be taken away. www.jillpankey.com

Mason Mansung Kang – Featured Artist Award

Mason Mansung Kang creates awe-inspiring landscape paintings with admirable proficiency. His professional art career began after retirement and he returned to college to earn an art degree in 2016.  We are inspired by his art and personal journey that reflects new beginnings. Read an interview with the artist.

Sunset at Bolinas Lagoon, oil on canvas, 48" x 36".
Sunset at Bolinas Lagoon, oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″.

Artist’s Statement: The visual changes of the natural world, with unending colors and values that exist in light and shadow over each season and over time, create variations of moods and emotions that always affects my mind. I struggle to observe these subtle colors, but also enhance the colors that are usually not noticed by untrained eyes. To share this beauty is the goal of my efforts. www.masonmansungkang.com

Sue Miller – Artist Showcase Award and Coaching Award

Sue Miller creates spellbinding realistic and detailed scenes of places she encounters around the world. She arouses our senses and encourages us to view our surroundings and the shapes, colors and reflections of man-made and natural objects with a new perspective.
View the artist’s page on this website.

Sue Miller, 46th Street, oil, 24” x 18”.
Sue Miller, 46th Street, oil, 24” x 18”.

Artist’s Statement: Inspired by places I have visited, I aim to capture the effects of light on colors and forms as I have witnessed all over the globe. The pieces selected for the “New Beginnings” exhibition were all inspired by transformation…one day turning into the next, or a historic city in the midst of great change…new beginnings all. www.smillerart.com

Francene Levinson – The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS Gallery Award

A highly versatile artist in different mediums including Chinese modular paper sculpturing, Francene Levinson has recently mastered the use of challenging digital parametric programs to paint dramatic images. She brings us new interpretations of the natural world.  View the artist’s page on The Healing Power of ART website. (soon to come)

Francene Levinson, Butterfly in Red, digital art, 9 x 7
Francene Levinson, Butterfly in Red, digital art, 9′ x 7″.

Artist’s Statement: New beginnings suggest taking a fresh look at what we know. Therefore, I create original digital paintings inspired by my Oregon environment. I see the strength of the earth and the fragility of life through mathematical concepts and principles of art. Now, I seek beauty in the absolute simplicity of line and form and reveal it through empowering digital media. www.francenelevinsondigitalart.com

View The Award of Excellence Winners

View The Award of Merit Winners

View list of all award-winning artists

HERStory 2017

An Online Exhibition to Promote Outstanding Art & Advance The Status of Women Artists

April 27 – June 27, 2017

Why “HERStory”?

For centuries women artists have inspired, enlightened and informed us with their enormous talent, vision and commitment. Many have served as creative trailblazers. Unfortunately, their contributions have gone under-recognized.

When artists lack necessary exposure and recognition they often abandon their dreams of sharing their art with the world. Manhattan Arts International has been presenting “HERStory” exhibitions on this website since the year 2000, under the direction of Renee Phillips, artists’ advocate and mentor. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a venue for outstanding yet under-recognized women artists.

Our “HERStory” exhibitions will continue until there is a fair and equal balance of women artists represented by art museums, galleries, art book publishers, major private and public collections, auction houses, and the media.

50 Artists — All Styles, Mediums, Subjects & Themes

For “HERStory 2017”, an online exhibition, we are inviting women artists from around the world to submit their entries. At least 50 outstanding contemporary women artists will be shown.

All subject matter and themes will be accepted.  We are accepting all styles — from realism to abstraction — and of any subjects (not only female subjects). Any 2D and 3D mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, works on paper, mixed media, photography, digital art, fiber, assemblages, installation art, and one-of-a-kind, handmade functional art pieces, including ceramics.

A snapshot of art by some of the exhibiting artists selected for HERStory 2016
A random sampling of art by some of the exhibiting artists selected for HERStory 2016



Entry deadline: April 16, 2017
List of winners listed on this website and sent to all entrants: April 24, 2017
Exhibition: April 27 – June 27, 2017


Women artists 18 years and older.
Artist must have a website.
Submissions made online by using the Entry Form.
Payment of entry fee: $30 for 1-3 entries. $10 each additional entry.


Every Artist Who Enters Will Get An e-Book

This e-Book contains dozens of opportunities and resources for Women Artists by Renée Phillips, such as  Non-Profit Organizations and Galleries for Women Artists; Grants and Other Financial Opportunities for Artists; Annual Calls For Women Artists; Curators of Women Artists’ Exhibitions & Women Activists; Additional Resources; more. This e-Book will be published in April, 2017. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS E-BOOK.

Special Recognition Awards Presented By Our Distinguished Awards Committee:

  • Renee Phillips, curator, will select at least 30 Awards of Excellence, 20 Awards of Merit, 3 Cash Awards, Featured Artist / Interview Awards, and more.  In addition, there will be Special Featured Artists Awards selected by:
  • Carolyn Edlund, Founder of Artsy Shark “Inspiring Artists To Build Better Businesses”.
  • Karen Gutfreund, artist and curator with GutfreundCornett  “Changing The World Through Art”.
  • Jill Pankey, award-winning artist and former University lecturer.
  • Renee Phillips, artists advocate, director & curator of Manhattan Arts International.
  • Nancy Reyner, international artist, author and instructor.
  • Bren Sibilsky, international sculptor and founder of Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art.





About Manhattan Arts International

Our purpose is to promote artistic excellence by under-recognized, artists on this website, to our thousands of subscribers, and across our social media platforms.

We focus on promoting artists and driving traffic to their websites. We don’t sell art on this website. We invite visitors to  view the artists’ artwork, read about them, visit their websites and contact them directly to exhibit and purchase their art work.

Learn more about Manhattan Arts International.

Professional Artist magazine is the ultimate career resource for fine artists everywhere.Thank You Professional Artist Magazine,  the ultimate career resource for fine artists everywhere  for announcing our “HERStory 2017” Call For Artists.

Curator’s Criteria

As a curator for over 60 exhibitions this is my criteria:

Renee Phillips
Renee Phillips,  Curator of “New Beginnings”.
  • Technical competence in style and medium
  • How well the art fits the theme of the exhibition
  • Clarity of vision
  • Originality
  • Impressive on a visceral and/or intellectual level
  • Immediately captures my attention, retains my interest, and is memorable

The Complete Professional Package

When it comes to selecting the finalists, I also visit the artists’ websites to get a more comprehensive view of their overall vision.

What Causes Disqualifications

  • Failure to follow the instructions on the entry form
  • Art does not fit the theme “New Beginnings”
  • Poor quality jpeg images
  • Jpeg is the wrong size or not labeled properly
  • Artist’s Statement is poorly written, longer than the 60 word maximum, or does not reflect the theme
  • No website listed or website cannot be viewed

Click Here For The Entry Form

HERStory Top Award Winners 2016

About HERStory 2016

“HERStory 2016” was an initiative to bring the art created by outstanding women artists to larger audiences and give them the recognition they deserve. This exhibition, which ran from March 20-May 20, 2016, featured 48 extraordinary women artists from around the world.

The top Award-Winners were  selected for their artistic excellence in their chosen mediums and for the insightful artist’s statements that accompanied their submissions. Additionally, each artist exemplifies a strong professional commitment to having produced a powerful body of work.

Learn more about Manhattan Arts International online exhibitions.

Susanne Buckler
Featured Artist Interview Award
First Place Special Recognition Cash Award

Susanne Buckler, Vagina Dialogs/ Love is More Important Than Sex/Triptych, Inkject on silk and paper, 17” x 22". Larger sizes available.
Susanne Buckler, Vagina Dialogs/ Love is More Important Than Sex/Triptych, Inkject on silk and paper, 17” x 22″. Larger sizes available.

I endeavor to empower and unite women of all ages and ethnicities by revealing them from both the inside and out. These images show stages of transformation from the real to the ethereal. My collaborations with the women I photograph and videotape establish a common ground between us in which to share what is often kept inside.
Visit Suzanne Bucklers page in the Artist Showcase Gallery.
Visit www.susannebuckler.com

Mary Lou Dauray
Second Place Special Recognition Cash Award

Mary Lou Dauray, Black Bird, acrylic, 24" x 24".
Mary Lou Dauray, Black Bird, acrylic, 24″ x 24″.

My art addresses my concern about climate destruction, air pollution and social injustice. Birds are dying and despair prevails among the 160,000 people forced to evacuate their homes in Fukushima, Japan. My new series is an interpretation of 30 million plastic bags stuffed with one ton of radioactive soil as the government is desperately trying to remove land contaminated by the nuclear meltdowns.
Visit Mary Lou Dauray’s page in the Artist Showcase Gallery.
Visit: www.maryloudauray.com

Dana Klein
Third Place Special Recognition Cash Award
Artist Showcase Award

Dana Klein, Hope, Photography, 16” x 24”.
Dana Klein, Hope, Photography, 24″ x 16” .

I have combined my love for art and passion for photography to create storytelling images with uplifting messages of hope, strength and resilience.   “Project SHINE” features breast cancer survivors and the important message they want to embrace and share with others.
Visit Dana Klein’s page in the Artist Showcase Gallery.
Visit: www.photographybydana.com


About New Beginnings – Online Exhibition

Our Annual “New Beginnings” Online Exhibition

“New Beginnings” attracts entries from artists around the world working in different styles and mediums.  Our aim overall is to display a wide variety of interpretations, styles and mediums. The purpose of our online exhibitions is to give artists increased career recognition, social media connections and followers, and higher traffic on their websites. As a result artists have reported more increased career credibility and self-esteem, plus commissions, sales and exhibition opportunities.


Learn about New Beginnings 2016-2017



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