Gunilla Lofgren

What Inspires An Artist?

Four Unique Artists Reveal Their Sources of Inspiration

By Renée Phillips

Lisa Freidus, Gunilla Löfgren, and Alan M. Richards are extraordinary Manhattan Arts International members who exude distinctive aesthetic directions. They are in alignment with  their authenticity as individuals and this culminates in high doses of professional artistic prowess.

We should never lose our curiosity about what inspires an artist. To learn what exists at the core of creativity deepens our understanding of art and enriches our lives.

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Banner  image:  Painting by Gunilla Lofgren

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Lisa Freidus
Lisa Freidus, Reach For The Moon, 3-D mixed media on wood picture frame,
29-1/2″ x 25-1/2″ x 2″.

Lisa Freidus

Lisa Freidus is an internationally recognized mixed media artist who employs an unlimited supply of creative innovation to stretch visual boundaries. With impetuous energy she refuses to accept the structured confines of the pictorial plane. Her 3-dimensional images incorporate the frame and extend beyond it.

This imaginative artist who lives in sunny Fort Myers, Florida creates art based on her unique persona:  “I incorporate images that lean and sometimes extend outside the borders of the canvas which expresses my refusal to be confined by an inner ear imbalance which I live with daily.”

Her purpose is crystal clear: “Through humor, love of color and subject matter, I hope to remind the viewer of one’s inner joy. I love producing a mood with exciting colors and unique compositions and welcome everyone into my imagination to view art with a new perspective.”

Viewing her art is an endearing experience. “Humor is the doorway we may enter to survive these challenging times. Art can take you away on a mini vacation – just sit back, relax and dream.”

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Gunilla Lofgren
Gunilla Lofgren, Energy III, mixed media with thread, 8″ x 8″.

Gunilla Löfgren

Gunilla Löfgren lives in Sweden and creates intriguing abstract mixed media art. Her materials incorporate elements of abstract expressionism and express a spiritual dimension.

The artist explains, entering her art means “discovering an artistic world in which spirit, soul, subconscious and mystery are some of the guides.”

Her profound belief is inherent in her art work that is based on the principles of Vedic Art, inspired by an Indian philosophy. She explains, “Vedic Art is not a discipline but a joyful way to approach painting.”

The artist discovered the Vedic Art principles several years ago and says, “Following this method artists may free themselves from the technical and practical aspect to discover instead new and continuous possibilities aimed at deeply exploring their creativity in an unceasing, profound dialogue between painting and the artist who created it.”

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Alan M. Richards
Alan M. Richards, Man on Pier, Image Composite, 35” x 30”.

Alan M. Richards

Through the lens of humor and satire Alan M. Richards converts the world’s most common place events into indelible photographic narratives. The artist who lives in Roslyn, NY, creates photomanipulations which consist of as many as 20 multiple photographic images in one work of art which he often paints in order to achieve the desired effect.

“I try and tell a story or comment on something which has crossed my path in life. The story is often told with some humor, sarcasm, or quirky images. I guess these images parallel my life in some way. ”

Richards points out that his images may look like ordinary photos but closer examination reveals some things that can not and do not ordinarily occur in the natural world. “I like the element of surprise in my work.”

A myriad of fascinating observations become catalysts for his artistic expression, as the artist says,  “social trends, warped societal values, the aging process, and media hyperbole… and a host of other things irking or wonderful.”

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