Linda S. Watson, Stellar Nebula, painting

Praise For Manhattan Arts International

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Banner above: Painting by Linda Watson

Here is a small sampling of the many testimonials we have received in praise of our many services for artists. Our curated art programs and juried online exhibitions have helped promote the careers of thousands of artists around the world. We are proud to continue our tradition of promoting artistic excellence.

I am thrilled, humbled and honoured to be part of this outstanding show. (Hot Topics – Bold Expressions”.) This is a dream come true to be chosen for an Award of Merit and also an International Artist Showcase Award. I have been following Manhattan Arts since 2012, enjoying the depth of artistic talent that is displayed. Your website has some new fans through my sharing of this incredible success with friends and family. You are a true clear light in this world, Renee. Thank you for all you do. ~ Janice Andrews

I sold a painting to someone who saw it within a month after it appeared on the Manhattan Arts International website. ~ Miche Watkins

The publicity you have given me has increased the demand for my work. My sales have increased and I have received several big commissions including a very large piece. ~ Kimberly Forness Wilson

The Healing Power of ART exposure is obviously getting play around the world. I’ve seen hits on my site from every continent and, what’s better, the visitors to the site stick around and view multiple images. They don’t just pop on and off. This speaks to the influence of you and Manhattan Arts. I always say to my kids that you can’t soar like an eagle if you hang around with turkeys. So I gain credibility as an artist by being associated with you and Manhattan Arts. ~ Alan M. Richards 

What a profoundly moving exhibit! Congratulations to the artists for their superb work and to you Renee for this most important statement about the healing power of art. ~ Roberta London 

Renée, it is largely due to your article (on this website) that I’ve made so many sales and gotten such great publicity. ~ Linda S. Watson

I am absolutely bursting with pride to have my painting included among so many outstanding works of art in this beautiful and emotionally powerful exhibition. The high level of artistic expression is so impressive. I just don’t usually see so many exceptional pieces gathered together in one place. You are wonderful to put such a moving and healing exhibition online to be shared by the community. Thank you for this amazing experience! ~ Helen P. Shipman

You have given me incredible exposure, and credentials to add to my bio, AND you have given me validation and encouragement to follow my passion, …full force ahead! ~ Pam Comeau

The diversity of the art and all the different aspects of healing makes this exhibition a multifaceted diamond, eye-opening and breath-taking. I am thrilled to be included in this powerful art event.
~ Michelle Endersby

I am so impressed by the diversity of styles and amazing talent of the artists here. It is truly a wonderful exhibition.So proud to be part of this important project. We as artists, have a great responsibility to bring joy, love and fulfilment as well as awareness of nature’s secrets and prowess to heal and repair.  ~ Ann Dunbar

Thank you Renee for including me in the finalists. I am so honored. Art is very healing for all to experience and it is a joy to be a part of your wonderful exhibition. I posted on Face Book to share with everyone! The Manhattan Arts site is done so beautifully and the slide show is amazing. Many of my collectors have told me how much they enjoyed seeing all the incredible works! Gracie Mille.
~ September McGee

I have never met anyone in the art world like Renée who is so singularly focused in her pursuit to help artists establish and further their careers. ~ Edward Rubin, NY art writer for Contemporary magazine, Sculpture magazine, ARTnews

After the article was posted I sent out several emails to announce it and sold a painting! I owe this sale to Renee and the Featured Artists Program! ~ Lisa Freidus

Thanks for another great promotion piece. All of this promotion is leading to many show opportunities. ~ Peter Trieber

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Your ability to concisely, accurately and enthusiastically write about my art makes the Featured Artist article you wrote a very important element in my marketing and promotional efforts. ~ Arthur Jacob,

A truly wonderful exhibit and so heart warming, I am so happy to be a part of it. Thank you Renee! ~ Linda Harbert

Renee, you have written so eloquently about my artwork in the Artist Showcase Gallery. You described my art in ways that have me eager to be dedicated to my goals more then ever. Thank you Renee for you uplifting words and creative tools. ~ Jessie Monaco

Thank you, Renee. It is such a delight and pleasure to be included among the artists represented in this exhibit. The world needs healing and beautiful art can be such an important vehicle. I am amazed by the diversity of visions included in your healing exhibition. We all see the world with our own eyes and our own intuitions and have unique modes of expression. ~ Elaine Franz Witten

The essay you wrote is beyond perfect and I am so excited to use it in promoting my art. Renée, your writing is a visual painting! ~ Bren Sibilsky

This year’s selection of artists for The Healing Power of Art is the most impressive one I have seen. The Curator made sensitive, provocative choices. I can feel the power. It pervades my spirit.
Kudos ~  Bobbi Mastrangelo

WOW Beautiful Show. My husband and I spent an over hour looking at all the incredible pieces and learning about each artist. Thank you for including my work in such amazing company. Truly honored. ~ Kimberly Forness Wilson

Ms. Phillips I am breath-taken as always! These artists and their works are truly spectacular. I’ve enjoyed learning about new ones, as well as, returning to favorites I now regularly follow. Thank you for continuing this important mission of celebrating the healing process through art. The opportunity to challenge our creativity within your competitions is an exciting part of my own journey, where I strive to make better with every step. ~ Adriana J. Garces

Dear Renee – you get better and better! The years go by and each show exceeds the previous one. You are more than an “artrepreneur” – you are a catalyst for quality. Artists today are discovering a new pride and honour through being promoted by you. They must feel, as I do, that whatever the diversity of expressions you nurture, they are always of a very high standard. The world could sure use a few more like you. Thank you so much for all of your devotion and good work in the name of ART! ~ Keith Morant

I am in rapture viewing all of this art. The show is resplendent in its beauty. ~ Cherilyn SunRidge 

Awesomely gorgeous works! Healing for sure! ~ Sheila Grabarsky

This is an amazing exhibition of very talented artists. A personal thank you Renée, for awarding me to be included in an article on the healing power of art and artists website! ~ Lisa Freidus

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