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Darlene Kaplan – Watercolor

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About Darlene Kaplan

Darlene Kaplan, CEO of Soft Brush Studio, is an artist and instructor living and working in Alexandria, Virginia. She specializes in Oriental Brush Painting in the Lingnan style on acid free rice paper using ink and water based mineral colors.

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Darlene Kaplan
Darlene Kaplan, Not Today Chinese watercolors, 28″x18″.

Darlene Kaplan has held the position of President in many local art organizations including Gallery West, Alexandria, VA. She is currently the President of the local National Sumi-e Society.

The artist has had many solo and group art exhibitions including thos at Bodzin Fine Arts Gallery, VA.; Gallery West, VA;, The Torpedo Factory Art League Gallery, VA.; and Ratner Museum, MD.; to mention a few.

Darlene Kaplan
Darlene Kaplan, Blue Dragonfly, Chinese watercolors 37″ x 22″.

She is the winner of numerous awards including Artist Magazine (water media showcase), Artist Magazine (landscape/interior), Southwest Art Magazine (winner of Splash 15), American Watercolor Magazine, Sumi-e Society of America, MD. She is also the recipient of an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International, among others.

Read an interview with Darlene Kaplan.

Visit Darlene Kaplan’s website www.darlenekaplan.com

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7 thoughts on “Darlene Kaplan – Watercolor”

  1. Good evening Darlene. A pleasant wander through your art on several sites this evening. it’s always a pleasure seeing the different styles of Painting in Chinese Art across the western hemisphere. Well done and keep painting.
    Best wishes always….

    1. Thank you so much Neil for your kind words. I really love the spontaneity of the oriental style of art. Thanks to some wonderful Chinese masters that the art is becoming more common in the states.

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