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About Mary Lou Dauray

Mary Lou Dauray is an award-winning artist whose art addresses her concern about climate destruction, air pollution and social justice issues.

She won a Special Achievement Second Place Cash Award and Featured Artist Interview from Manhattan Arts International in its “HERStory 2016” juried exhibition. She received this award for her  art and articles that help to raise awareness about the dangers that threaten people and our planet.

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Mary Lou Dauray, Black Bird, acrylic, 24" x 24".
Mary Lou Dauray, Black Bird, acrylic, 24″ x 24″.

Dauray, who  lives in Sausalito, California, describes herself as  “a consummate traveler”.  Her art is a reflection of the many places she has traveled to around the world. It is in numerous collections world-wide.

She has completed several series on such topics as the Iraq war; her visit to Eastern European holocaust sites; plastic ocean pollution; glacial melt; and issues about mining, transporting and burning of coal. The artist is currently creating artwork on the dangers relating to the existence of nuclear power plants.

Mary Lou Dauray, Burning Coal, Train, oil, 40" x 30.
Mary Lou Dauray, Burning Coal, Train, oil, 40″ x 30. This was selected for the Manhattan Arts International “Hot Topics – Bold Expressions” exhibition and won an Award of Merit.

Dauray also enjoys painting en plein air to capture beautiful vistas. This allows her creativity to bring a sense of balance in her work. Her work was selected for an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International exhibition “Art that Lifts Our Spirits”.

She writes a column showcasing serious artists who are working on global environmental topics for the Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS website, an initiative of Manhattan Arts International.

Read an interview with Mary Lou Dauray.

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11 thoughts on “Mary Lou Dauray – Paintings”

  1. Bravo to Mary Lou Dauray for using her enormous talent as an artist to advocate awareness about our environment. It is important that Manhattan Arts International is writing about contemporary artists like her.

    1. Thank you so much, Alexandra, for your comment. Everyone actually has a voice to talk about this climate reality and to work on helping to solve it in whatever way possible.

  2. I find this issue to be high on the list of importance where climate care should be addressed. Mary Lou Dauray’s work here is quite impressive in its style, carefully chosen color scheme and sensibility of the subject matter. Just yesterday I read an online article from Miami New Times stating that there is an enormous problem with many areas polluted by such toxic overhang. It certainly is a topic I’m glad is being uncovered – hopefully addressed everywhere. Thank you Mary Lou, for being a grand part of the solution by bringing awareness!

    1. Dear Adriana: Thank you for your thoughts and comments. I wish I could do even more to help heal us and therefore our planet…
      Mary Lou

  3. What a wonderful way to communicate your deep feelings, Mary Lou. As artists we have intense reactions to “issues”. Perhaps we’ve been given the intensity AND the outlet to let the world know. IF they listen. Wonderful wonderful work! Keep on keeping on with it!

  4. Thank you for the article Renee! Thank you, Mary Lou Dauray, for creating artwork that screams for environmental protection. Your choice of colors are vivid and complementary: sure to grab anyone’s attention and admiration.

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