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About Susanne Buckler

New York artist Susanne Buckler uses photography, video and mixed media to tackle important topics that affect the human condition.  She views the artistic process as a liberating, creative journey of pure human expression.

Her digital images are printed on Canson Paper and Translucent Silk in various sizes.

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Susanne Buckler, Vagina Monologues, installation.
Susanne Buckler, Installation view of modified body portraits printed on to translucent silk fabrics. Each is hovering in space dictating the way the viewer moves through them

In her “Surprised Survival” series she documented her personal struggle with a life-threatening illness and transformed her challenges into powerful healing works of art.

Her latest project is titled “Vagina Dialogs”.  She explains, ” I photograph and video women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The video interviews reflect a predetermined criterion of questions, which reveal their personal responses. My collaboration with each subject establishes a common ground between all of us and provides a safe space in which to share what is most intimate and often kept inside.”

Susanne Buckler
Susanne Buckler, Quote, photograph. Printed on both Canson Paper and Translucent Silk and is life size or smaller.

Susanne Buckler’s art is in personal collections around the world. She has been featured in many publications such as Photo District News, The Wonderful World of Photography, Photo Design Magazine, Ad Directions and others. In American Photographer magazine writer David Kalish stated, “Susanne Buckler records beauty with her intuitive eyes and her moving imagination.”

She has exhibited at The Soho Photo Gallery and The Professional Women Midtown Gallery, both in New York, NY.

Buckler earned a BFA from The Maryland Institute, College of Art and also attended Syracuse University. She taught at The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.

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